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Valentines Day is obviously one of the most romantic days of the year. It is the one day that you get to put everything aside – all the drama – and focus on the reasons why you love that significant other in your life. Sure, there’s Valentines Day jewelry, flowers, and clothing, but what about popping the question on Valentine’s Day? Indeed, a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day will be incredibly memorable and it will be a great story to tell. Plus, it’s a lot easier to pop the question “Will you marry me?” on Valentine’s Day – when love is in the air already. However, before you pop the question, you have to think of some romantic and fun marriage proposal ideas. Sure, you may be thinking of other ideas on Valentine’s Day, like where you are going to eat or where you are going to go for a romantic walk, but you also want to think of some unique proposal ideas too.

Here are some 10 marriage proposal ideas on Valentine’s Day…

1. Take her out on a horse and carriage.

One of the most romantic and fun ways to pop the question on Valentines Day is to take an old-fashioned horse and carriage ride. Indeed, if there is a park or an area where there is flat nature near you, you may want to hire a horse and buggy to take you around. When it comes to proposal ideas, popping the question when you are on the back of the carriage is bound to get a resounding yes.

2. Surprise her at work.

If you have plans for an evening out on Valentines Day and your significant other is planning to meet you at home for dinner reservations later that night, you may want to think about jumping the gun and surprising that person at work. Of course, you may want to bring some Valentines Day flowers, but you may also want to bring a ring in a little box – you can then pop the question “Will you marry me?” when you get to the person’s office. Sure, you’ll have the whole office in tears of joy, but it will be worth it.

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3. Organize a romantic dinner and pop the question.

When you are out and about looking for chocolates for Valentines Day, you may want to think about finding a dinner reservation as well. Some restaurants can be booked up, so if you plan on popping the question, you want a good table ahead of time. So, you may want to call up your favorite restaurants. When you are finished with the meal, you’ll want to get on your knee and propose.

4. Purchase a last minute plane ticket and go somewhere romantic.

If you have the budget, you may want to book a few plane tickets to somewhere romantic. You could remain somewhat local and head to a ski resort, or you could head somewhere tropical. When you get to your destination, you could walk out on to the beach or slopes and give your best marriage proposal. There is a good chance that you’ll be spending the rest of your romantic weekend in bliss.

5. Plan something fun and out of the ordinary.

If you have a pretty straightforward life, you may want to inject it with some fun. A marriage proposal is supposed to be fun and out of the ordinary. This is why you may want to go somewhere you haven’t gone before nor do something you haven’t done before. Indeed, the best marriage proposal ideas are one that really let you stretch the limits of your imagination. If your proposal is lame and boring, it won’t be memorable.

6. Book a hot air balloon.

Indeed, if you are looking for something fun and out of the ordinary – some things that goes beyond greeting cards for Valentines Day – you may want to see if you can reserve a hot air balloon. February is usually a good time to take a hot air balloon, because it is not too hot and it is not too cold. You could float above the heavens and when you get just high enough, you can pop the question. When you float down to earth, you’ll both still be in heaven.

7. Make it a puzzle.

When it comes down to it, the ultimate jewelry gift on Valentine’s Day is a big engagement ring with a fat diamond. This is why you may want to make that ring a little hard to find. If you are an adventurous couple, you could make your proposal a scavenger hunt. You can devise a set of clues and then slowly lead her to the ring. This is one of the most fun ways to make a wedding proposal.

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8. Pop the question with a breakfast in bed.

If you are looking for simple, you may want to gather some Valentines Day candies and maybe some chocolate for Valentines Day and then surprise her with the big question in bed. Of course, you want to make a big delicious breakfast, but if you slyly put the ring on the platter, she won’t know what to do.

9. Write her a song.

You don’t need to be musical to write her a song on Valentines Day. All you need is a guitar or maybe an electric piano – something affordable – and you can surprise her with a beautiful melody. When it comes to marriage proposal ideas, surprising her with a song will not only be romantic, it will knock her socks right off. Sure, you may want to spend some time practicing your song, but when you let it rip on Valentines Day, she’ll have to say yes.

10. Create a ruse.

On top of everything, you may want to get your family and friends involved on this marriage proposal idea. In order to pull off the perfect marriage proposal ruse, you want to figure out a way to think she is going somewhere. You can have a friend invite her. For instance, you could invite her to a meeting to talk about something unrelated. When she gets to the meeting, you can pop out and pop the question. In the end, the element of surprise is incredibly important when it comes to marriage proposals.

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  • Going on vacation somewhere sounds so romantic! I would be so surprised if my husband did that for me. As long there is some thought put into it, I think any man can make a proposal great. I know my husband would love a hot air balloon ride, but I’m not sure about myself! Thanks for including public proposals along with ideas that are more private and just for the two of you. When my husband proposed it was on the beach where I had grown up, but nobody seemed to notice that he got down on one knee! So I guess you can say it was a little bit of both.

  • Rohana Malik

    Perfect Day for expressing your feelings especially if you want to spend all of your life with your partner. Valentines day makes up for that perfect setup to propose your partner. I would call it expressing while celebrating..

  • Grace J.

    Adorable ideas!! Although I wouldn’t want to be proposed to at work, I’m sure many people wouldn’t mind that. I’m more of a private person anyway. I wasn’t the special day to be just me and him….or maybe in that hot air ballon ride. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I’m just reading all of these marriage proposal ideas here and I’m melting. They are so beautiful and I wish my boyfriend comes up with a similar romantic idea some day. This is so lovely!