When it comes to DIY Valentines Day gifts, the key is to make sure they don’t look too DIY. If the gift looks too DIY, it may look messy and like you didn’t really think about it. This is why you really want to think about what you are going to make. When it comes to Valentines Day jewelry, it can be hard to go DIY.

Here are five great DIY Valentines Day gifts that are easy, fun and meaningful.

Make a picture frame and place a picture of you and your significant other inside the frame.

One of the most meaningful DIY Valentines Day gifts is a picture frame. This is because you can place a picture of yourself or your partner – or a couple’s picture. There is a good chance that you have a selfie that you could print out and place in the frame.

Make a homemade snow globe that professes your love.

This may be a little out of left field, but if you are thinking of Valentines Day gifts, you will really impress your significant other when you show them a snow globe that you made. One of the best ways to make a snow globe is to take a simple jar, place a photograph on a piece of plastic and then prop the image up in the middle of the jar. Then you can fill the jar with pieces of fake snow and water. When you shake it up, it’s like you and your special someone is standing in the snow.

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Make a bubble bath with lots of bath salts and relaxing lotions.

Who says that a romantic bath can’t be a DIY gift? When it comes to DIY gifts, it isn’t necessarily something you make with your hands. With a bath, all you need is some bath salts, some candles and some soothing lotion. There is nothing more romantic than a Valentines Day bath.

Make a vase.

If you are getting that special someone in your life some Valentines Day flowers, you may want to create a vase. When it comes to DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, a vase can be the perfect way to complete the flower presentation. To make a vase, you can either sculpt the clay yourself, or you can purchase a raw clay vase and paint it with the colors and patters that you like. You can even toss it into the kiln to make the glaze permanent.

Make a t-shirt with your faces on the font of the t-shirts.

Of course, if you are thinking of a DIY Valentines Day present, but you want to be silly, you may want to grab a selfie of you and your partner and throw it on a t-shirt. You can use any old t-shirt and print out iron-on paper that can be easily applied. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the gift. In fact, the whole purpose of going DIY is to not spend a lot of money.

Make a customized mug.

Another great Valentines Day gift you can make with your hands is a customized mug. The best thing about a mug is that you can print anything on it. All you need is blank mug and then a photograph that you want to put on it. Placing the photograph is usually as easy as using heat to apply it. What you want to is carefully place the image on the mug and then turn the heat on. What will happen is that the image will attach itself to the mug permanently. In most cases, the mug can withstand regular hand washing.

Make a gift basket.

One of the most fun DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is a gift basket. The best thing about a gift basket is that you can put anything in it. For instance, you could fill the basket with flowers and jewelry, or you can fill the basket with Valentines Day candies and other goodies. What you want to do is look through some greeting cards that you can put in the basket. In the greeting card, you will write a personalized note.

Make a gift certificate.

If you want to really impress your valentine this Valentine’s Day, you may want to create a set of gift certificates that your lover can exchange for various favors. For instance, you can create a certificate for a back massage or a weekend of doing chores, or a special dinner out. When creating the gift certificates, it can help to actually use real gift certificate templates that you can then fill out. In most cases, you can purchase these templates online and they are very affordable. You could make them from scratch, but you want to be sure to use the right paper.

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Make something from scratch.

One of the best things you can make from scratch are cookies. For instance, sugar cookies make a great DIY Valentines Day gift. All you need for this gift is a good recipe for some baked goods. When you are done baking, you can put the cookies in a jar that you can then decorate. The magic of this gift is not only the deliciousness of the treat, but also giving the gift. When that special person in your life comes home on Valentines Day, your entire home will smell like delicious baked goods.

Make some decorative wall art.

If you want to provide a DIY gift that will really stand the test of time, you may want to think about pulling out some canvas or paper and creating some wall art. There is nothing like a gift that can be placed on the walls to liven up a living space. Not only is art meaningful, and not only does it bring a space to life, but you will also be thought about every time your special someone is in that room. In the end, creating some wall art is easy, fun and it will be incredibly meaningful.

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  • Caitlin

    Great ideas! I know I would be happy with any of these things! It’s also nice that most of them would cost very little. Helpful for those on a tight budget. And for some people it’s so much more meaningful to get a homemade gift. You know a lot of thought and care was put into it!

  • Johanes Doe

    Amazing ideas! I know she would like a bubble bath with lots of bath salts and relaxing lotions, but we are going out that evening, so I will save this idea for other celebrations 🙂 Instead of that I will buy her a beautiful yellow gold necklace – I hope she will be happy about that. 🙂

  • Sarah

    These are great ideas! I especially like the idea of a handmade vase to put the roses in, and of course the mug is very sweet too. The gift basket is also original. How about a homemade card as well? I think that baked goods are a sure way to impress your partner especially if you are someone who doesn’t usually bake. It will seem like a very thoughtful gesture. Bubble baths are always a winner!

  • Last year my boyfriend gave me a gift certificate and it was awesome super duper! I didn’t use all certificates yet, I’m saving some for a really special day 😀 But honestly, guys, this is perfect gift for everyone! Thank you for sharing this article, I hope many guys will use some tips from it.

  • ronline betit

    I always do something personalized for my partner because I believe that it has more worth that any gifts that were brought from stores. Unfortunately, he always buy stuff for me, ordinary stuff that were not even meaningful. I know that he’s busy by I would be happy if he will spend an hour just to create a special gift. Hope, he could read this article.