Valentine's LingerieIt is romantically impossible to have a talk with the girls about a steamy sexy night (or day for the creative) without the mention of lingerie somewhere in that conversation. Lingerie spices up the intimate moments and makes a woman look practically edible in more than one way. Lingerie arouses sensations in all the wrong and right places and creates a sexy naughty mood for some all flavored sex. Lingerie works for the boring vanilla lovers who want it missionary style and works even better for the kinky lovers who want some vanilla fuckery with a topping of chocolate and some strawberry thro in right there. Forget the common mothers union pants coupled with the long tee shirts (they arouse no feelings; take it from me) and have a go at the range of lingerie.

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Your man constantly comes home tired and sweaty in a really sexy way because he has been working for you. Be a naught sexy missus and reward him for being the knight in shining amour he is to you. Ditch the Victoria secret coupons and purchase the Candy Heart Chemise or the Trinidad Fishnet Garter Dress and surprise your man one evening. Open the door for him while wearing it. Hug him so tight that he feels every single inch of your body; this is made quite easy by the Candy Heart Chemise which is body hugging. The Candy Heart Chemise is more romantic than kinky so have a nice candle lit dinner set out for him. The expose’ created by the Candy Heart Chemise under candle light will have your man wanting you like not a second later. What more could you ask for than something that just slips off at the moment! I truly doubt that the dinner will be of much interest for this night. Talk of exploring better options.

We all wrong our men once in a while; hey it comes with the gender. The tricky part is always the apologizing. Try apologizing a bit differently this time. I call it the kinky apology. The Animalistique Satin Corset Dress is perfect for an apology. Approach him while he is in his “nothing box” and kneel close to his feet. By now your breasts are in full view and the Simply Stunning Bustier makes you look sexier than ever. Express how sorry you are in a low sexy husky voice and give him a lap dance which is quite perfect in the Little Black Thong . Now who would ever reject such an apology? End the apology session by giving him a time of a life time blow job. Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more.

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  • Rohana Malik

    Sexy lingerie would perk up things for any couple. There are so many lingerie ideas and brands that we can go about making our evening special. I think i am gonna try a few good brands this year other than Victoria’s secret.