best ideas for valentines dayThis Valentines Day you and your significant other are going to need some tips and advice on the perfect gifts to get each other for an amazing romantic, fun night. The Adam and Eve store is full of amazing and fun gifts that will make this Valentine’s Day exciting, sexy, mysterious and passionate. Psychologists say that Valentine’s Day is an important holiday for couples because it is a chance to build a bond. And the act of gift giving and exchanging on Valentine’s Day is important because the gifts you buy – no matter what they are or how expensive they are – are important tokens or symbols of your love and desire for one another. So here is the ultimate list for gift ideas for your better half this Valentine’s Day brought to you by Adam and Eve.

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This Valentine’s Day, the perfect gift idea could be to do something totally different than you normally do – in bed that is. Ever have any wild fantasies? Why not make them come true. For starters, you could pick up this sexy Tantric Satin Ties Collection for some S&M fun. Ankle and wrist cuffs, pleasure whip and eye mask. Yummy. At dinner present her or him with a card, like a gift certificate, with what’s in store later that night.

Tantric Satin Ties Collection

Ever wanted to paint all over your lover. Ever want to make passionate love covered in paint? This Valentines Day why not try the amazing Adult Paint Box. With four bottles of Cherry, Piña Colada, Blueberry and Banana paint – that are both edible and washable – you’ll be having sexy amazing fun in no time. It also comes with erotic stencils and a paintbrush so you can really master your craft. The best part is definitely licking off.

Ever wanted to be tied up with handcuffs. Another fun gift idea for this Valentine’s Day is the Love and Lust Kit. It comes with a pair of handcuffs, strawberry lotion, a spicy scented candle, a waterproof vibrator, and some Glow-in-the-dark foreplay dice. Leave it up to chance to see who will be tied to bed and ravaged first.

Love And Lust Kit

Another great gift idea for this Valentines Day is the sex swing. After dinner and when you are in the bedroom and the lights are down low, try the Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing or the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing. Weightless sex is great because you can switch into all sorts of amazing positions. Just a tip from the wise: assemble the swing before you know you are going to come home and take off all each others clothes. It makes it really hard to be so in the mood, but have to assemble a sex swing at the same time.

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  • Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing
  • Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

There are tons of great gift ideas over at the Adam and Eve shop for lover’s to share this Valentines Day. Right now when you go to you get 50% OFF just about every irresistible item when you enter the offer code VDAY50 and with your order you’ll receive our romance kit with a toy for him, special massager for her and something you’ll both enjoy. Plus get a free DVD and free shipping on your entire order. Find something that speaks to you, whether it’s deep and erotic or just plain fun and silly. Love and sex can go both ways and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to discover that.

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