Great Valentines Day Gift For Husband – Magic Massager

Chandra is back to review one of her favorite sex toy from AdamandEve.comAdam & Eve Magic Massager. This sex toy can be the best Valentines Day gift for your husband or wife.

Valentine’s Day is February 14th – it is right around the corner and for sure you’re shopping for an ideal gift for your husband or something that you and your husband can use. Adam & Eve Magic Massager can be the best Valentines Day gift for your husband or your wife. Buy this amazing toy at the best deal ever! Use the special code VDAY50 at checkout and get an amazing discount plus awesome freebies! Watch the video below for more….

Buy this amazing toy using the offer code VDAY50 at checkout today and you’re going to get 50% OFF plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Hot DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift.

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Why is Adam & Eve Magic Massager works like magic? First of all, you’re going to notice that it has a very long handle and has a cord. The cord is about three and a half foot with about a foot in length in the handle. And why this toy is wonderful? It’s because you can forget about batteries. No more problems with having to change batteries put new batteries in, or having it die in the middle of an intimate moment with your man or your lady and no batteries. So it’s just great, with a long cord hand and it’s very mobile. You can plug it in, it will move around. You’re not going to be confined to one spot.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HimTwo, this amazing toy’s head. It’s like one big giant soft marshmallow. It’s very soft and squishy, so it’s not hard at all. It’s going to very comfortable against your body parts, and then you’ll see how very flexible it is. It has a complete flexible rotating head which is wonderful to get to every spot you need intimate or not.

Now let’s talk about the two speed settings. The Adam & Eve Magic Massager has two incredible speed settings – the low and high. And just from a low setting, you can hear how strong the vibration is.

Now the high setting is very high. The high setting is a little bit too strong to use for others. But you can give it a try, so on the high setting, this is what you can do – after a long hard day of work or cleaning, or shopping, you can come home and give yourself a great massage. What would be better, of course, is if your husband gave you the great massage, which is great for doing, and of course, give your husband back a massage with this magic massager. This works all over your body. Anywhere, you have a tired muscle or achy spot, or you’re just looking for a good, nice rubdown, this little magic massager can do it.

So this is going to work wonderful in two ways for you. One, it’s going to create explosive orgasms. And two, your body is going to love you. Your tired sore muscles are going to love, and your husband or your boyfriend is definitely going to love.

Spice Up Your Hearts Day With Funny Valentines Day Cards

If you’re watching the video below, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for some funny Valentine’s Day cards. The truth is though, that not only will you need some Valentine’s Day E-cards, you’ll also need some hot items that will really spice up your night on Valentine’s Day.

In this video, you’re going to get some hints and advice for some extra items that you can purchase on top of E-cards for Valentine’s Day. When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day starts with opening a funny Valentine’s Day card and ends between the sheets, right? And if you stay tuned to the very end of this video, you will also learn how to get your hands on an amazing coupon code to receive a whopping 50% OFF on almost any item in the Adam & Eve Store, plus FREE Shipping and more FREE Goodies. So stay tuned in until the end of this video to get that special coupon code.

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First up, on top of Valentine’s Day cards, you will also need Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring. Penis rings are amazing because they’ll help him last longer in bed by slightly constricting the blood flow. This means that he’ll stay harder and last longer. Plus, with the mounted multi-speed vibrating bullet, this vibrating ring will give tons of fun for her too. On top of a good penis ring, you will also need a good blindfold like the Scarlet Obey Me Blindfold for sexy bondage games.

Foreplay-FunYou could also go for full bondage gear like the Sexy Slave Kit. Nothing says “I love you” and I want to ravage you” more than a Sexy Slave Kit. Just tie your partner to the bed and have them begging for more. And if you really want to keep the excitement going all night, you’ll want to slip in the Hollow Strap-On For Him Or Her. This amazing sex tool will allow him to last all night long. If she wants to keep going, there is literally no stopping with this hot strap on.

In the end, funny Valentine’s Day cards will be necessary on Valentine’s Day, but so will some hot items to spice things up in the bedroom…

The best part is that if you shop at right now, you’ll get 50% OFF on almost any single item. Just enter offer code VDAY50 at checkout and you’ll get half off. That’s huge! Plus, you’ll get a FREE Mystery Gift, 3 Hot Steamy DVDs, and FREE Discreet Shipping.

Come on! It doesn’t get better or easier than this. Just remember to enter offer code VDAY50 at checkout at

Clit Sensitizer That Is A Perfect Valentines Day Gift For Your Girlfriend

Wondering what Valentines Day Gift is best for your girlfriend? Check out the video review below on an amazing product called Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer.

Probably you are already been asking yourself the question: What could I possibly get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?
Well, the solution is actually in And if you watch the video until the end, you’re going to get the code that you can use so you’ll enjoy 50% OFF plus more exciting freebies at Adam & Eve. While you’re there, look for the Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer.

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Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer is a gel sensitizer for the clit. You can put it on for hers; she can put it on for herself, whichever you prefer. It’s going to create warmness and tingling in the entire vaginal area. It really helps you climax faster and it makes the orgasm very intense. This is highly recommended, especially for Valentine’s Day when you’re trying to make your night a little bit more special.


So go to, look for Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer. When you go to check out, enter the promo code VDAY50. That’s going to get you the FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a Super Secret Gift, and it’s going to get you 50% OFF on Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer and on almost any single item on the entire site. So check it out! Go to Don’t forget to enter your promo code VDAY50.

Romantic Gift Idea for Valentines Day – Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit

We’re here to review one of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day – the Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit.

This is a great romantic Valentine’s Day date idea, especially if you want to spice stuff up in the bedroom, just never a bad idea.The restraints basically, all of the four restraints and two very long straps, are super easy to use. For the straps, you can actually strap at top or bottom, and sides are a little bit easier. So what you do basically is you slide each really long strap under the mattress, make sure they’re equidistant from the side of the bed, otherwise, you’ll get into trouble a little bit later on.

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The fabric inside the cuff is kind of tough and hard on the skin, so it was really nice. The cuff was such a luxurious fabric and they’re really well-made. Its Velcro attachments and very easy to use. You’ve got adjustment buckles on each side, made of nylon so it’s super strong. You’re not getting out of this unless you want to.


Go ahead and pick yourself up a Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit.for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Fellows, pick one up for your lady. Head on over to and use offer code VDAY50 to get a 50% OFF on almost any single item, FREE Shipping, plus 3 FREE DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift.

Valentines Gift for Him: Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager

Wondering what’s the best Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend?

It can be a difficult thing to find the best valentines gift for your guy. Maybe think outside the box this year and do something a little bit sexy, something’s that’s going to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. is an excellent place to find that very special gift, and today we’ll show you one of our favorites.

At the end of this video, we are also going to give you a promo code that’s going to get you 50% OFF the toy we are about to show you, plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs to include with your gift, and a super secret Sexy Gift for you. Check them out at You can’t go wrong with this gift, especially if you look for the Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager.

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This is part of one of their very sleek collections and this is called the Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager. It’s a handheld massager and it also vibrates. The vibrate functions are right on the handle so you can just push the button on the top and the bottom. The top button is going to start the vibration and there are three different speeds. The bottom button is going to change the tone of that vibration, and there are four different functions for that. The shaft is made up of silicone so it has a very soft, silky feel to it. So if you add that with a little bit of lube, it’s going to slide right in.


You want to hold the handle and push the tip towards the front – that’s going to give you prostrate stimulation. Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager also comes with a charger so you never have to worry about batteries. All you do is just slide the handle right into the base and it will start to recharge itself so you always have a toy ready and waiting to go. It also comes in a really beautiful black box so it makes it a really sexy, sleek looking gift. Great for a guy because it’s not pink and it’s not furry or frilly looking at all.

Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager is a man’s sex toy and he’s really going to enjoy it. So go to right now, look for the Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager, and when you’re checking out, enter the promo code VDAY50. That promo code is going to get you 50% OFF plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift.

Don’t forget to enter that promo code VDAY50 and get your boyfriend a Valentine’s Day gift he’s never going to forget!

Valentine’s Day Sex Ideas – Having Fun with a Sexy Slave Kit

Check out Destiny’s video review here and be amazed of this awesome Valentines Day sex idea – enjoying your Hearts Day with a Sexy Slave Kit!

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, so you need to start shopping right away. And if you are looking for just a sexy way to kind of spice up your Valentine’s Day night, we have the perfect product and also got some really great discounts and offers for you.

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best valentines day ideasThe Sexy Slave Kit – this is perfect for beginners to bondage or if you’re experienced with bondage. It comes with a very soft, velvety mask and it will stay on your face without irritating you. Whoever’s wearing this can get teased with the included feather tickler on the kit. And the best part, of course, the set of wrist and ankle cuffs. These are Velcro so they’re very easy to get on. They’re velvety so you’re not going to get that irritation. You can set them as tight or as loose as you want.

They have an extra-long string and it’ll hold really, really tight. You can tie this to a bed post, a chair, anywhere, or you can just simply tie them together. They will fit almost any wrist or ankle since they are adjustable. You could really pull on them, so that’s something that you really want when you’re playing being a sexy slave.

Right now, if you head on over right now, you can buy the amazing Sexy Slave Kit at 50% OFF plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift. All you need to do is to use Offer Code VDAY50 at checkout. So head on over to and use Offer Code VDAY50 at check out!

Vibrating Penis Ring – A Cute Valentines Day Gift For Him

Hear it from Chandra in the video below as she reviews one her favorite sex toys – Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring.

The Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring can be a cute Valentines Gift for your boyfriend. This toy will definitely make you happy, your boyfriend or your husband as well.

There’s a special code that you can use on when you go to checkout to buy this Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring or any other toy that you might like. It’s the code VDAY50. Put this code at checkout so you can get 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift. So remember that, code VDAY50 so you can get all of those amazing freebies.

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Romantic Valentines Day GiftsWhat does this little erection ring does? The bottom part of the goes over your spouse’s or your boyfriend’s penis. In front of this you’ll see little nodules in the very front that protrude, and those are going to go facing towards your clitoris.

Your boyfriend or husband will simply slip the toy over his penis with the nodules facing towards your clitoris, simple as that. Next thing you do is you turn it on and it has two different speed settings to it. It’s like a teaser of a vibration. Now the vibrations are not only going to please you and your spouse or your boyfriend, the erection ring is going to help your boyfriend or husbands keep a longer erection, a much harder and longer erection. And who doesn’t want to have harder and longer erection? It makes for great sex.

Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring – it has two speeds on it, has a very strong setting and it works as it needs to do. Again, ladies, go to and buy your boyfriend or your husband a Valentine’s gift. Use Offer Code VDAY50 to enjoy 50% OFF, plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift.

So get out there, make your man happy and buy him the Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring for Valentine’s Day – definitely a cute Valentines Day gifts for him.

Original Venus Butterfly – Great Valentines Day Gift for Her

Let’s review’s Original Venus Butterfly.

The Butterfly is a perfect Valentines Day gift for her for Valentine’s Day…

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For MenIt’s adorable, pink, cute and very, very satisfying. It’s got a dial on the side for the power cord and if you turn it up, you can see the vibration on the strap, all the way up. It builds from very low power to very, very high, which makes for a perfect orgasm. You will surely love it and it’s very easy to use.

It has a waist strap and it got two little straps on the bottom that goes around your thighs. At first, it is very complicated. But when you looked at the back of the box, it shows the diagram of exactly how you’re supposed to use it, so no worries.

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The best part about the Original Venus Butterfly was its front little beak, its little knob which is absolutely perfect for very specific clitoral stimulation, which obviously ladies need, especially on Valentine’s Day. And if you go down the body, its whole body vibrates with nice little ridges which feel awesome. And its little nubbin below is perfect for anal stimulation.

If you want to get yourself the Original Venus Butterfly, head on over to and use offer code VDAY50 to get a 50% OFF on almost any single item, FREE Shipping, plus 3 FREE DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift.

Great Gift Ideas For Valentines Day: Wild G-Spot Vibrator

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present? Are you looking for the best Valentine’s Day present that is maybe something a little different, something a little sexy? There might be a thing for you at

At the end of the video above, we are going to give you a promo code that’s going to get you 50% OFF on almost any single item, FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a super sexy Mystery Gift. So check them out, especially if you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day presents.

One of the best Valentine’s Day present you could get for your partner is the Wild G-spot Vibrator. It is a handheld dildo and it has a dial on the front of it with the controls. It just takes three batteries that goes into the underside and also has a prong on the front of it for clit stimulation. It also has those two little nubbins on the inside, and a silver bullet. Silver bullets are so powerful and they give you a really great vibration.

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Also, there are balls on the inside of this toy, and those are going to rotate around, as well as the head of its dildo. It rotates and it has a light on the inside, curved for g-spot stimulation. It has up and down buttons with three different speeds. One side is going to be for vibration and the other side is for the rotation. There’s also a button on the middle so you can change the way that it’s rotating, if you want it to go back and forth, left and right.

Victoria Secret Coupon

This is an excellent toy and it’s so much fun, and it makes a really great gift idea especially for Valentine’s Day!

If you go to, look for the Wild G-Spot Vibrator. This is a great dildo, a great gift. And if you enter the promo code VDAY50 , that’s when you’re going to get the 50% OFF on this toy and almost any other toy. You’re going to get FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a super sexy Mystery Gift. So check them out, look for Valentine’s Day presents for yourself and for your partner.

Creative Valentines Day Gift – Wet Wabbit Vibrator

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and what better gift to buy than a vibrator for your significant other. And even if you don’t have a significant other on this Valentine’s Day, buy yourself a new toy.

Our featured product in this video is the Wet Wabbit Vibrator.

This is one of the best if you ought to find the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts out there right now. Watch the video below until the end so you will get the special code for you to use to get some great discounts and offers.

One of the reason most people love the Wet Wabbit Vibrator is because it’s very durable. It has the Rabbit Bullet, a rotating shaft, it has the pearls inside that will rotate when you turn it on for g-spot stimulation and vaginal stimulation.

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The reason that the Wet Wabbit Vibrator is different than any other rabbit vibrators out there is because it has firmer ears than some of the other ones, so you get great, toe-curling clitoral stimulation from this. It’s very user-friendly and so easy to use. It does take three batteries and make sure that you get good batteries. Don’t buy the cheap ones because you really want to get the full power from this wonderful toy.

This amazing toy has three speeds making it a very powerful vibe. When it’s on, shaft rotates, pearls starts moving and the tip as well. This is a waterproof vibrator so you can use this in the tub, in the shower, maybe in the pool if you want to get a little bit creative.

Victoria Secret Coupon

Wet Wabbit Vibrator – Your wife or your girlfriend will absolutely love this creative Valentine’s Day gift!

It is the perfect gift to add to her collection or even if she’s a first-time user, it’s perfect. Now, if you go to and use the code VDAY50 at checkout, you’re going to get 50% OFF on almost any one item. It’s going to give you 3 FREE Sexy DVDs, FREE Shipping on your entire order, and a FREE Bonus Mystery Gift. So head on over to and enter the code VDAY50, and start enjoying today.