best valentines day ideasWhen you are thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts to give your special someone this February you really have to have a serious brainstorm on how to make it unique and a little extraordinary. The Valentine’s Day gift you choose could say a lot about who you are and how you feel about your significant other. There are a lot of creative Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy, but probably more if you made them yourself. That’s right, it’s time to get crafty! The best Valentine’s Day gifts for her could be as simple as heading out to the hardware store and the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him could be a simple as taking a naughty picture – all that and more below in this list of gifts that will definitely win most creative Valentine’s Day gift.

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Chocolates make the easiest go to for a quick Valentine’s Day gift for her, but they don’t really say much about you and they don’t have too much personality. A fun way to mix up an old classic is to make some chocolates in your own home. There are plenty of recipes to make simple, homemade chocolates that taste great and make the house smell amazing. You could get wild and make some truffles or make something fancy and sprinkle some sea salt on it. Delicious.

Ladies, listen up, one of the best Valentines Day gifts is about three steps away: First, you set up a simple camera, then all you need to do is strip down and get totally naked, and lastly all you’ll need is a simple frame. A sexy naked self-portrait in a cool customized frame can be one of the simplest Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends who might want to have a little naughty keepsake of you with them at all times. The frame can be big or small, but spice it up with feathers or paint a design around the edge. But really he probably won’t be staring at the frame – it’s the thought that counts.

Another great creative Valentine’s Day gift is candles, but not just any candles – homemade ones. There are lots of different types of waxes you can buy – some are even scented – and then all you need is wick. Make a set of candles for her and trust me she’ll be impressed. The best part about candles as a Valentine’s Day gift for her is that you can light them later while your making love. How sexy!

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