If you want to have the one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day dates you have to go all out.  You can’t skimp on this one. You’ve got to dig deep into that savings to really tease and please your partner to their hearts greatest desire. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show the person you love the night of their life. Fortunately there are lots of ways to do this. We’ve thought long and hard on this list, and the following have to be some of the most fun and romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas.


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Fly to Paris. Paris is the city of love and romance. If you really want to top all of your previous Valentine’s Day dates you’ve ever had, you’ll swing a few tickets to Paris. I warned you that some of these ideas are not cheap, because sometimes it costs a little bit of mullah to go all out. If you can’t fly to Paris, one of the alternatives is to bring Paris to you! Make a nice French meal in the comfort of your own home. Bake some fresh bread and listen to the soundtrack of bells ringing in the distance. Oooh la la!

Another romantic Valentine’s Day date idea is to revisit the place you went on your first date. If you’ve been married for years or decades, then this is particularly romantic. Watch her get a little teary eyed when you bring her to the same spot you had your first kiss or the spot where you first told her you loved her. If you are married you could head to the spot where you first proposed to her and, why not, propose again!

If you are a picnic kind of gal or lad and you like records – I mean really old records on vinyl – one of the best Valentine’s Day date ideas is to head out to a quiet, remote spot and eat dinner and listen to music under the stars. Then you can have a little dance. What a night to remember!

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And lastly, the romantic Valentine’s Day date that always wins is to take your date to a hotel. Order in room service or head down to the lounge for a little dancing. Remember to book reservations now, because Valentine’s Day is quite a busy time for lovers.

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    There’s always time when we feel special or we want to make other person feel special. There’s no harm in taking things too far. That extra lavish evening, high end shopping or leisure getaway won’t hurt either.