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Valentines Day Ideas For CouplesWhen it comes down to it, Valentines Day is all about having fun and celebrating. Sure, it may be stressful to plan everything, but when you finally get to the big day, all your planning and stressing out will pay off. This is especially the case if you plan some Valentines Day games. The truth is that there are many Valentines Day games for adults that will make things, ahem, a little steamier in the bedroom when you get home from your Valentines Day date.

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Here are some Valentines Day games for couples that you need to try on Valentines Day.

One of the sexiest Valentines Day games for adult is the Sex! Card Game. This amazing card game is perfect, because it will lay out your entire sexual adventure in one naughty card game. Not only does this card game give you 50 different sexual positions – the cards are also color coded according to hotness. For instance, red is foreplay and light blue is scorching hot. If you want to spice it up in the bedroom on Valentines Day, and if you want to have fun at the same time, you’ll definitely want to try out this amazing Valentines Day sex game.

Next up on your list of Valentine Day games for adults should be Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights. When it comes to Valentine Day games for couples, this is the ultimate game, because you get 365 sexy adventure cards. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but having this many options can really heat things up in the bedroom and bring back the excitement, which is so necessary on Valentines Day. In this game, you’ll have cards that give you tips on how to last longer in bed and how to give great head. Trust me, this game will make you want to keep the adventure going all night long.

And if you are looking for Valentine Party Games for couples, you may want to try Poker for Lovers. If you have ever played strip poker before, this game will take it to an all-new level. Instead of chips with monetary values, you’ll have chips that have erotically charge demands, like “be her sex slave for three minutes.” This game also comes with a rules book, so you will be able to learn the rules of the game quite quickly. With this game of poker, it will be difficult to go back to the old rules.

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At the end of the day, there are a lot of adult Valentines Day games that you can play with your lover.


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  • Chris

    I have played strip poker before, it’s actually one of my favorite Valentine’s Day games, but I’ve never played Poker for Lovers. I’m pretty eager to give this a try on Valentine’s Day this year – I have a feeling we won’t go back to average strip poker after this!

    • Eva Estefan

      You will never will! We actually tried this and we enjoyed a lot! *giggles*

  • Dan

    A sex card game? I have to try this! I remember when I was a bit younger, and ex got me some sex dice from Spencers and that game was a blast. I had forgotten about it until now and I think my current girlfriend might appreciate the surprise. It does looks fun!

    • Eva Estefan

      It’s so much fun Dan! You have to try this 😉