This Valentine’s Day your man might be trying to find you the perfect, sexy lingerie. Maybe he’s found a Victoria’s Secret coupon code or something of the sort and he is planning to get you something fancy. But could you imagine your guy buying you a pair of lingerie – actually going to a store or actually using a Victoria Secret coupon? Guys, if you are reading this, can you imagine doing that? If you are reading this, this is the essential guide for all boyfriends, husbands and special someone’s who want to pick out a pair of lingerie for their lover this Valentine’s Day. First, Adam and Eve has an incredibly wide selection of lingerie and might be your last and only stop. And if you enter the Offer Code VDAY50 you can get 50% OFF almost everything in store – you’ll also get a free romance kit that includes a toy for him, special massager for her and something both enjoy. Plus get a free DVD and free shipping on your entire order. What can be more perfect than that? And remember to keep the following in mind when you browsing on Adam and Eve for the perfect lingerie – remember shipping is always discreet.

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First, you have to get over the initial self-consciousness and that shouldn’t be hard because you are shopping online! Next, you have to grab a pen and a piece of paper, but make sure you significant other is out of the house, because you are about to raid her panty drawer. Find out what her size is, see what her favorite color is, find out what kind of style she likes (corset, short, frilly, sheer, corset, etc), and if you find babydolls and chemises your lady may not be into latex, corsets or other binding garments. And a note, if you’re looking for sexy, avoid any garment that has “control” or “reduce” in the name, on the label or on the tag. Otherwise you won’t have to worry about sex any time soon.

Second, you have to find out what her bra size is. Please, put down that Victoria Secret coupon code, because Adam and Eve has a huge selection. Remember that there are three ways to determine size: band, cup, and straps. This very specific number is the circumference of the body at the bust (32, 34, 36, 38, 40) and you can find this number on the label on most bras and will probably look like this: 34B, etc. The letter is the cup size (A, B, C etc…) this too you can find on the label but if not think fruit. Yes, you read correctly, fruit. Plum = AA or smaller. Lemon = A. Orange = B. Grapefruit = C. Melons = D. Where did you think melons came from? Straps: The straps provide support so the width will determine how much is provided. The larger the breast the wider the strap is a good rule of thumb. However, if you’re shopping for a bra that won’t stay on for very long, the straps can be any width.If you’re unsure of the bra size stick with things labeled S-M-L; nightgowns, chemises and babydolls are a safe bet.

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And lastly, remember these important tips. Find lingerie for the perfect body type. If she is pear shaped or smaller and top and bigger on the bottom you can try a baby doll, chemise or a robe. If she is an upside down pear try out bustiers, camisoles and cami sets. As for hourglasses, they can wear all sorts of styles. Remember to buy for her – you know her best. And remember Victoria Secret coupon codes will only get you so far. Head over to and enter the offer code VDAY50 for 50% OFF, FREE Stuff and SHIPPING off the entire order. Have a sexy Valentine’s Day!


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