When it comes to the best flowers for Valentine’s Day you usually want to go with roses. Roses have been a token of love for hundreds of years. Handing a rose or a bouquet of roses to your special honey on Valentine’s Day will tell her you were thinking about her, that you care about her, and that you are madly in love. Valentine’s Day roses also make a perfect gift for a new Valentine – perhaps a blind date. But Valentine’s Day roses can have hidden meanings and different colors of roses can send different messages. So when you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day flower deal think about the following before you decide on the color.


Roses are red and violets are blue, right? Red roses are the go to choice for Valentine’s Day roses. So when you send those same day delivery flowers to her office know that red roses mean beauty, courage and respect. It’s a bold color that will define your relationship. Red is also the universal color of love.

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White roses are an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day roses. The white rose is the symbol of purity and true love. White tells her this Valentine’s Day that your love will soar. White roses also look really pretty in a bouquet. When you send her Valentine’s Day flowers this February she’ll know deep down in her heart that you might be the one.

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Yes, roses are generally the best flowers for Valentine’s Day, so what about pink roses?There are many different shades of pink roses, and the different shades have different meanings. A deep pink shows gratitude, which can be used to express gratitude for the person and the love you have for them. Light pink shows happiness and fun that can be used to say that the person makes you happy.A combination of red and white roses is a deep message of everlasting, and true love. A combination of pink speaks more of the beginnings of love, or the flirtations and appreciation of a person, but maybe not the deeper affection that is love. This shade of pink rose could be perfect for a first Valentine.

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  • Rohana Malik

    I have heard red roses are for love, pink for friendship, white for peace and yellow if you want to be friends after a fight.. i guess