Whether you are trying to save money, don’t have any money or are just brainstorming Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him that will be a little more meaningful, getting him something made by your own two hands can be more meaningful than a watch, fancy dinner or any other fancy, expensive item you could get him. When it comes to Valentines Day, two things are true: you can make any day a special day to celebrate your love and the gift you get him doesn’t need to be worth a million dollars. Here are some great hand made Valentines Day gifts to get your boyfriend – any day of the year.


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First up, you know he loves his six-pack of beer – it’s what he looks forward to when he comes home from work: sitting on the couch drinking a beer, probably waiting for you to make him dinner. If you are looking for cute Valentines Day gifts for boyfriend that he will love, you could make him a fun case for his beer or some kind of cozy. You can either knit the cozy yourself or make it out of cardboard and decorate it with kisses.

Next, cheap Valentines Day gifts for him don’t need to look like you only spent a few dollars on the gift. One of the most fun hand made Valentines Day gifts to get your boyfriend is a fun pillow for the bed. You can either use this pillow to prop each other up during sex or you can put a little note on their so that he can be reminded of how much you love him. In fact, guys – if you are looking for Valentines Day gifts for her – getting her a pillow is a great idea, especially because it can give her a little more leverage during sex – there is nothing like a deep g-spot orgasm.

Bath & BodyAlso, if you are looking for Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend that will really show him that you love him, why not get a case of wine and then replace the labels with love quotes? You can tell him little sweet nothings or you can give him little hints as to what you are going to do to him in bed. If you want to put a spin on this great hand made Valentines Day gift idea, you could put little love notes on his beer bottles in the fridge – the next time he reaches in he will know that he is in for a truly special surprise later that night.

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