Want to have a mushy, gushy Valentine’s Day date? Check out some awesome suggestions below!


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couple baking1. Head over to your local animal rescue or adoption center. Imagine Valentine’s Day date swimming in a pile of playful kittens or puppies. No, really, imagine it. Some rescue centers even have wilder animals like cougars, wolves, llamas, and more. But remember to keep it cute and cuddly.

2. Who doesn’t love cookies more than most things in life? When you plan your Valentine’s Day date it might be wise to think of this idea for the cookie or cake lover in your life. Baking is one of the most romantic things a couple could do together. Bake it from scratch, put some frosting and sprinkles on it and yourselves, and then lick it off each other.

3. Remember the movie Ghost where they were at that clay-making thing and were sensually making some kind of pottery together. How about that for a romantic Valentine’s Day date idea – sans the ghost part. This is sort of like the baking idea, but you get to make something permanent and everlasting together. Turn on some sexy music and you’ll be having one heck of a romantic night.

4. You know when you see those messages in the sky left by planes that say different things? Well, one romantic Valentine’s Day date idea would be to take your significant other out to a party or empty football field for a picnic and then have her look up to realize you’ve hire one of those plane to say, “I love you,” and her name in sky. How’s that for a heart melting Valentine’s Day date?

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