valentines day gift for her, valentines gift for her

Valentines Day is a special holiday. Even though it isn’t an officially recognized holiday, it is recognized by all those people who have fallen in love and believe in the power of love. On this special day, it is up to you to get your partner a gift that symbolizes your love. Budget matters a little bit, but you also want to be able to consider a number of other key factors before you purchase your gift. When it comes to searching for gifts for her, you want to be able to find something that will really floor her.

Here is how to find the perfect Valentines Day gift for her.

Consider how long you have been with her.

If you have been together for a long time, you may want to go the distance when it comes to the type of gift you give. For instance, if you have been with your partner for more than ten years, you may want to give her a diamond or something equally as precious. If you have only known your date for a short while, it may be okay to give a single flower for Valentines Day – usually a white or red rose.

flowers for valentines day

Consider your budget.

If you don’t have a big budget, that’s okay, you can still get away with finding a Valentine’s Day gift for her that is incredibly meaningful. For instance, you could do chocolate for Valentines Day. If you have a bigger budget, you may want to go all out, but even then, you don’t have to. Sometimes it can be classy to get something smaller and more meaningful.

Consider what that special woman in your life wants or needs.

Has she mentioned anything? Has she dropped any clues? If you are looking for meaningful gifts for her, you may want to sit back and think of anything that she may have mentioned. She may have told you that she needs or wants something. For instance, if she hinted that she really loves a certain type of perfume, you may want to buy it for her for Valentines Day.

Consider the less than tangible.

You don’t always need to spring for something like a diamond or Valentines Day jewelry, you can also go for an amazing meal or even a romantic trip somewhere. Sure, a romantic trip may be costly, but it could really put the spark back into your romance. If you don’t have the budget for a trip, you may want to find a moderately priced restaurant and have dinner together.

Consider the way you present the gift.

Ideally, you want to look through greeting cards to make sure you find something that allows you to say how you really feel when you give her the Valentines Day gift. In the end, how you present the gift could give it more or less meaning, depending on how well it is packaged and how well written your card is, so you really want to put some thought into it.

Consider something that she can actually use.

If you get that special woman in your life a Valentines Day gift that she can’t use, it will only sit in storage or a closet. If you spend money on the gift – no matter how much money – you don’t want it to go to waste. For instance, if you get her a special teddy bear, you can pretty much assume that it won’t go to any use. This is why you really want to brainstorm and get her something that she will use. When she uses it, she will think of you, which is an added bonus.

Consider checking out her social media pages.

This may seems a little stalkery, but social media can be a great way to find a great Valentines Day gift for her. Of course, you don’t want to login to any of her accounts, but you do want to monitor her pages. There is a good chance that you will be able to find hints of a wish list. Also, she may have commented on a friend’s page saying that she has something specific in mind. It will be helpful to use this method a few weeks before Valentines Day, because that is usually the time that she’ll update her status or make some kind of comment about what she wants for Valentines Day.

Consider getting her something that you both can enjoy.

When it comes down to it, you will most likely want to make this a supplemental gift, but getting something you can both enjoy is great because you will be able to share it. For instance, you may want to get her the box set of her favorite show. This can be something that you can pop in the DVD, cuddle up and watch. If you aren’t sure what her favorite show is, you may want to ask her. This is also a great gift if you have just started dating, because she will be asking you to come over and watch.

jewelry for Valentines Day

Consider getting her something that will make her feel pretty.

What do women want? They want to feel pretty and they want to feel sexy. When getting her a gift, you may want to think about getting her something that boosts her confidence. For instance, you may want to think about going with undergarments or some kind of jewelry that will really make her sparkle inside and out. There is no doubt that if you get her some Valentines Day jewelry, she will really appreciate it.

Consider making it funny.

At the end of the day, including a little humor into your gift can really make a statement. If you are getting that special woman in your life a suite of gifts, or a package of gifts, you may want to throw something in there that will really make her laugh. In the end, laugher isn’t only the best medicine, it’s also an aphrodisiac.

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  • Lucas

    My wife and I have been together for many years, and she is not the typical “flowers and jewelry” type of woman. Not that she doesn’t like it, but she’s told me she’s happy with the jewelry she already has (simple, classic pieces) and flowers die, her words. So, I’ve had to come up with unique idea for gifts. And one gift that she’s had for years and loves it and it’s on display in our room, is the proposal I made on Valentine’s Day….I did a message-in-a-bottle type proposal and designed the bottle with a style that she loves (filigree and roses). Another idea I’ve found she was ecstatic over is personalized books, as she’s a huge fan of reading. There are so many options for those women who don’t want the typical flowers and jewelry. This year, I’m planning on our 15th anniversary to Ireland, so she’ll be getting the brochure and tickets for her gift. (It’s in May). If you start early enough (like now), you can find the best gift for your loved one, especially if they are the women who aren’t typical.

  • Piper Stewart

    I know it’s definitely not for everyone, but the BEST gift I received was a matching key tattoo with our initials as the key handle….very, very cool. It’s a skeleton style and over the heart, to signify “key to my heart”….cheesy, but oh so sweet. He came up with the idea.(And it was my 1st tattoo, but it was worth the pain I went through… least it wasn’t a big tattoo! 🙂 ) And yes, you show KNOW the person you are buying for.

  • Justin Bradshaw

    My girl is easy….she loves her bath and body works and candles. She sends me the notifications when there’s a good sale going on (AND she informs me of the new scents that she likes), and it’s close to some gift-giving day. I should really buy some stock into that company.

  • Josh Wilson

    Up there in the posts, it says to not get teddy bears….it all depends on the woman though. My wife loves Beanie Babies, she’s collected them since they became a huge thing in the 90s….granted, they aren’t huge or anything, but something like this is acceptable, IF she likes them. And she likes getting the new hard-to-find ones as gifts. She has them all in a renovated closet just for these. And of course, what woman says no to chocolates, dinner and flowers?

  • Scott Winston

    For my wife, I have a couple of times gotten her a couples’ spa package at the local resort hotel….massage, manicure, pedicure, the works. It’s for both of us, and at the end of it, we have a nice meal and stay overnight while in-laws watch the kids. It may not be ideal for everyone, but for the both of us, it definitely has its benefits. And it is a little more expensive than chocolates and flowers, but it’s a day to splurge. Go for it.

  • Caitlin

    Good post! I’m really tempted to pass this along to my husband. 😉 Most guys think they should just stick with the usual flowers or chocolates (which are certainly nice), but they could actually have a lot of fun with their gift-giving by thinking about some of the things listed above!

  • Creating memories together is worth so much more than any diamond bracelet! Bu I did get my husband a keychain from Etsy last year. We both have matching ones and every time we look at our keys we have a piece of each other. Sweet and inexpensive.

  • Sarah

    I think the best tip is to buy her something that she will actually use, though of course it can’t be too practical. Buying a useful gift shows that you are interested in the person and that also you pay attention to her likes and dislikes. If she is likes cooking then you could give her a one-day cookery class – I have a friend who received this (a Spanish tapas course) and was very excited! The less than tangible idea is also good. It could even be something simple like a picnic in the park.

  • Rohana Malik

    I think its easy to put a smile on girls face than a guy lolzzz. Men seem to get excited about gifts less often as compared to ladies i have seen.

  • myrose sorcera

    The gifts that I appreciate are simple and nice. Guys don’t have to spend ample of amount to make their girls happy. Simple things that convey sincere affection could be the perfect valentines day gift for women.

    I agree that useful and practical gifts could also be the best.

  • Lynn V.

    These are great suggestions. I’m going to try a few of these on my guy as well. I personally like simple and sweet. I don’t need an expensive gift for Valentine’s day….my birthday is another story.

  • Tim Granger

    Nice tips. I think that things like perfumes, makeup or some things that she will consume and are not durable are not a good option. On the other hand sexy underwear is always a good option. Nice tips and solid advice here though, I’m just saying my thoughts and I practically reveeled my this year’s Valentine’s Day gift 🙂