How to Put Together a Romantic Breakfast in Bed [Infographic]

Want to surprise your lover with a nice and sweet, romantic breakfast in bed this Hearts Day? Check out below and learn how!

Putting together a romantic breakfast in bed

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  • Sarah

    This sounds very sensible. Getting up an hour early is quite efficient and you’d have to be quite committed, I guess. Unless of course your partner gets up late anyway. I like the idea of putting a rose or a note on the platter with the breakfast. The music is a nice touch. It should also be a breakfast that is easy to eat in bed, like fresh fruit and croissants.

  • Hm the trick for me would be getting up early before my husband! Any sound wakes him up, so an alarm is out of the question. I guess I’d just have to go to bed early. I’m definitely doing this on Valentine’s Day, but I’ll probably bring him a bagel from the deli down the street. : )

  • Chrissy

    Love this idea but I’ll tweek it a little too. I’m always up earlier but I’m a horrible cook…I don’t know the last time I used my stove. But I think I can surprise him with a bunch of yummy foods from somewhere. 🙂 I think he will like this! 🙂

  • Beth Anne

    Oohh I’ve never had this done before! Maybe I should start dropping hints or better yet I can surprise him and maybe climb back in bed and enjoy it with him. 🙂 hhmmmm

  • Mellisa Holman

    I want to prepare a romantic breakfast for my bf for a very long time now. But, I don’t know how to do it. I like some of the tips given in this article. Planning well is I guess the most important thing.

  • Jessica Miles

    Never had a romantic breakfast in my life. I hope that my current boyfriend will read this somehow. This sounds so beautiful!