This Valentine’s Day there might be a number of reasons why you are thinking about picking out some lingerie for your special someone.  Perhaps you are trying to find that Victoria Secret coupon you thought you had. But have you ever thought why you are scouring? Have you ever thought: why lingerie? Lingerie has a long, sexy history. It’s a cinematic garment and it makes a woman feel sexy. But where does lingerie come from? Why is it sexy and why do we find it sexy? What is its history and how do I choose from different colors of lingerie? Does one color mean one thing and the other another thing? Here is everything you need to know about lingerie.


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Just put down that Victoria’s Secret coupon for just a moment and realize why you feel so sexy in lingerie. Women feel sexy in lingerie, because it was designed to accentuate your body. This probably why guys find it sexy too. Lingerie is built with material that offers a sense of allure and mystery. Lingerie can also be a little dangerous. Lingerie is the ultimate garment for seduction. It fits the female form so nicely and yet gives you little sneak peaks as to what is behind it. Lingerie was designed for hot sex –how perfect is that for Valentine’s Day?

Lingerie history is long and erotic. The word itself comes from the Old French linge, meaning “linen,” the term “lingerie” was originally introduced into the English language as a euphemism for scandalous underclothing. The first recorded wearers of lingerie were the ancient Egyptians. If you were a high ranking, powerful woman you probably wore lingerie in ancient Egypt. In classical Greece, women wore lingerie too; and so did the Roman’s for that matter who copied everything the Greeks did. And if you follow it’s history it just got sexier as it past through the French Revolution and surprisingly the Victorian era until its modern incarnations.

And if you are deciding which color lingerie to purchase you better think about the fact that each color offers a different subconscious, subliminal meaning. Black means she is willing to try anything in bed, while red means she is passionate and ready to make love. Pink lingerie might mean that you are a little bit more prudish, but waiting to unleash your sexual desires to anyone that can open them. And blue means she has no boundaries – lucky for you this Valentine’s Day.

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