valentines day gift ideas, valentines day gift, valentines day

There are probably a lot of reasons why you are looking for last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas. For one thing, you may not have been thinking about it and then the day sort of crept up on you. There is also the chance that you weren’t expecting to go on a Valentine’s Day date with anyone and then, at the last minute, was hooked up with somebody. Its okay, you don’t need to fear. There are a lot of really great Valentines Day gift ideas that are easy and convenient.

Here are five last minute Valentines Day gift ideas.

valentines day gift ideas, valentines day gift, valentines day

1. A quick breakfast in bed.

If you are looking for a last minute Valentines Day gift that won’t look like you forgot all about Valentines Day, you may want to go with breakfast in bed. Sure, you could go with Valentines Day candies, but breakfast is the first meal of the day and you can surprise her when she wakes up. With such a powerful opener, you can pretty much wing it for the rest of the day. To pull this off, you want to wake up a little earlier. If your significant other is a light sleeper, you want to be very careful. If you have wooden floors, you definitely want to put socks on so that the creaking doesn’t stir your Valentine out of his or her slumber. When you are making breakfast, you want to be very stealth and you want to limit the amount of pots banging. Also, one more word of advice: pull everything that you need for making breakfast and lay it out on the counter. The more prepared you are, the quicker you will be.

2. A handmade necklace.

Another great last minute gift is a handmade necklace. Of course, Valentines Day jewelry is a tradition, but if you don’t have the time, you may not be able to pick out something that you think your significant other would like. Plus, you don’t want to run in and spend a bunch of money on a something that may get returned. If this is the case, you may want to turn to your DIY skills and make a necklace or bracelet. If you do have the budget, you may want to think about purchasing a beautiful necklace with gemstones or even diamonds, but this could certainly set you back.

3. An inexpensive tool that can make life easier.

There are lots tools that make life easier – its one of the benefits of living in the 21st century. If you are running out of time and don’t know what to get your date for Valentines Day, you may want to think about one of these tools. For instance, there are small things like power adapters, surge protectors and extension cords. You could also purchase a tool that keeps an open bottle of wine corked. All you need to do is look online for some of these gadgets. First, though, you want to read the reviews, because you don’t want to get anything particularly useless. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of useless products out there.

last minute valentines day gift, valentines day gift

4. A really beautiful poem written on a card.

If you don’t have a lot of time and you are looking for a last minute Valentines gift, you may want to turn to card stock and a pen. All you need is greeting card like paper and a pen that will allow you to write freely. When it comes down to it, you can either pen the poem yourself, or you can look through some poetry books and find a poem that is quite meaningful to you, and hopefully to your partner. You can either place the poem directly on the card, or you can place the poem on a piece of paper and then stick it into the card. Moreover, you can get as decorative as you want. If you are the maximalist type, you may want to go all out. However, if you are a minimalist, you may want to keep things quite low key. The truth of the matter is that a poem is a powerful way to say I love you, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to find another gift. Moreover, it is a great gift for someone that is in a new relationship.

5. A plane ticket to somewhere tropical.

Of course, if you have an unlimited budget and you are looking for a last minute gift, you may be able to go online and purchase plane tickets to your favorite getaway. For instance, you may want to purchase tickets to the Bahamas, or even the Caribbean. One of the best things about these locations is that they are secluded. You also have slightly less secluded locations, like Hawaii, but even in Hawaii you can find some amazingly secluded locations. Of course, you will need to book lodging, so you may want to go online and look at resort room rates. In most cases, these rates will be quite high per night, but it will undoubtedly include bonuses, like a couple’s massage or a free romantic dinner. If you really want to go all out, you may want to snag a private jet. However, if you don’t have the budget at all, you could hop in the car for an amazing road trip. You don’t really need to be a millionaire to take an amazing vacation with your significant other on Valentines Day. Just a word of advice: you may not want to go out of town with someone that you haven’t known for that long. If you do, you could realize that you don’t like to spend that much time together.

Usually, it takes a few years to build up to the point where you are spending every waking moment together. In the end, you can always get creative, especially if you are under the wire and don’t have a lot of time, but you don’t want to spend too much time, because your Valentines Day gift could easily turn into a belated Valentines Day gift which could get you in trouble.

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  • Aw, I love poems and greeting cards! I saved so many over the years that now I have two boxes full of them. Some people don’t like them as much, but it’s always really nice to look back and read them. They’re one of my treasures.

  • Kelsey

    There are so many useless tool out there, but they are always fun playing with…especially if they were a present! I need to find him a useless tool this year. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I just want him as a gift 🙂 But I will surprise him with some of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas stated here.