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Of course, Valentines Day is probably the most romantic day of the year. If you are someone’s boyfriend or someone’s girlfriend, you better have something special planned – or else. But when coming up with romantic things to do on Valentines Day, many of us have a hard time. Many of us get so overwhelmed that we don’t stop to think and get strategic. However, if you really put your mind to it, you can come up with many romantic ideas for Valentines Day.


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Here are some romantic things to do for Valentines Day…

First up, lets discuss some romantic Valentines Day ideas for him. If your guy is a real man’s man, it may be a little tougher to bring out his soft side. This is why you need to go all out. First, you want to surprise him in the morning with breakfast in bed. Next, you want to initiate some hot morning sex. To get this going, you will probably need to pick up a penis ring, like the Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Ring, which will increase the power of his orgasms and the vibrating bullet will get you off too.

If you are looking for romantic Valentines Day ideas for her, you want to think about what she likes. It may be as simple as cleaning the house and surprising her at the end of the day. If you want to go all out, you could book a couple’s massage. You could even find a hotel by the beach, or in another beautiful location, and book a room as well. Flowers are also important – you’ll want to head over to the hotel to prepare a bath and you’ll want to place rose petals around the room. Light some candles and you’ll have the perfect romantic touch.

Romantic Valentines Day GiftsNext, you want to think of some romantic Valentines Day gifts. For her, you may want to think of putting something together that is sentimental, practical and sexy. Creating a package will make the gift more important and like you put more time into it. For instance, you may want to include some panties in your gift package. If you are looking for some romantic Valentines Day gifts for him, you want to think sexy, but you also want to think masculine and fun, like cigars or even golf clubs. Just put yourself in his shoes.

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In the end, if you are still trying to think of some romantic ideas for Valentines Day, you’ll definitely want to head to Adam and Eve.

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  • Taylor

    It can be nice to step away from sex until later, and have a nice romantic day together. Good ideas on gifts for him (:

    • Joanna Summers

      Your most welcome. Oh! let me know how Valentine’s Day goes.

  • farah jane wiles

    Heart’s day is coming soon and me and my husband is really excited for that day. These past days, I started thinking of romantic Valentines Day ideas for him to serve as a surprise. This post gave me some cool and naughty ideas that will surely entice him on our Valentines night.

    • Joanna Summers

      Glad you liked my post. And good luck on your Valentine’s night. Enjoy!

  • sTePhN1e

    I’m excited to celebrate valentine’s w/ my special someone in my life, And We have the same planned to have some erotic hearts day haha to give a gift to each other a “s*xtoy” on our special day at night waohhhhhhhhhh and you coupon code VDAY50 gives me 50% off plus shipping, SUPER AWESOMEEEEEE

    • Joanna Summers

      It’s really great! Thanks to the coupons <3