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Sex Ideas For Valentines DaySex on Valentines Day? – Duh, you better hope that you are getting some. But what if there is a chance that you won’t? Is it really possible to get no sex on Valentines Day? Well, there is – if you don’t play your cards right. When it comes down to it, getting some on Valentines Day is all about playing your cards right. One small slip up and you could go home alone, or you will get in bed and your partner will simply turn over, which essentially means game over.

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Here are some Valentines Day sex ideas that will ensure that you get some on Valentines Day.

First up, you need stock up. This means that you need to have a few key tools in your tool belt that will make sex something to look forward to. If you don’t make sex something to look forward to, the night will end badly – simple as that. When it comes to sex ideas on Valentines Day, you will need at least one vibrator – something small and discreet will do the trick, like the Purple Wave G-Spot Vibrator. You will also need a good lube on hand, like the Adam and Eve water based lube.

Next, you want to brainstorm some sex ideas for Valentines Day for him and her – something that you and your partner will enjoy. Remember, getting your partner in the mood is all about doing something your partner likes doing. If you take your partner to his or her least favorite dinner spot, you will wind up on the cold side of the bed on Valentines Day. However, if you take your special someone to their favorite restaurant, you are bound to get some later that night – there’s no question about that.

After you lock down your Valentines Day date plans, you want to lock down some Valentines Day sex gifts. Sure, you may have stocked up on some foreplay tools that will make the bedroom a little more enticing, but what about a fun Tongue Teaser that will tease and titillate your lover’s clitoris on Valentines Day? What about the Ultimate Couple’s Romance Kit? You want to find something that both partners can enjoy. You can present the gift at dinner – discreetly of course – and then get super hot and ready to get in the car and go straight home.

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At the end the day, you may be asking: how many people have sex on Valentines Day? You may be surprised that many people go home empty handed and wake up depressed after Valentines Day. However, if you play your cards right, if you invest in a few affordable Valentines Day sex toys, and if you plan to play some sex games for Valentines Day, you are bound to get some and your night won’t be a waste. Remember: Valentines Day is all about building up to the point where you take each other’s clothes off and make love – the slow build and anticipation is what will make it the most romantic and memorable.


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  • Shane

    Nice sexy and kinky post on sex ideas. You have to love Valentines Day.

    • Cindy Wade

      Right! 🙂

  • gary nimble

    It’s sad to know that there are people who are sexless on their Valentines night. Glad you’ve shared some amazing sex ideas for Valentines day that will encourage men to play their cards right to ensure a memorable Valentines sex.

    • Cindy Wade

      No problem Gary! Hope you’ll going to have a great Valentine’s night <3

  • Janine Single

    Sad to say that I’m single on this Valentine’s but I’m not worry much because I have my G Spot vibrator to have some fun at lonely nights 🙁

    • Cindy Wade

      Just the perfect companion right? 😉

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