cool ideas for valentines dayThere are lots of cool ideas for Valentine’s Day and I’m sure you are racking your brain trying to think of the best one. Usually when you are thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas you have to imagine what your significant other will like the most. Next to your list of good Valentine’s Day gifts should be a list of all the places your special someone would like to visit or experience. The list doesn’t need to be long and you might not be able to think of more than a few, but the best Valentine’s Day ideas usually have something to do with your collective lifestyle. If you are the outdoorsy or sporty type, then these cool ideas for Valentine’s Day might deserve the highlighter treatment.

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When thinking of the best Valentine’s Days ideas why not make it fun, but also classy by going wine tasting.  Lot’s of places make wine and you don’t necessarily have to travel all the way to California or Europe. Look up wine tasting events at local wineries or vineyards within a 50-mile radius of your house. If you really to impress him or her this February, try tasting a few wines to refine your pallet and if you can’t find a winery near you, why not select a few wines from the supermarket and have your own wine tasting? Talk about cool Valentine’s Day ideas!


One of the best Valentine’s Day ideas is usually something active, fun and outdoors. You want to get your blood flowing and excitement at an all time high. Think of it like foreplay before foreplay.  When you are jotting down Valentine’s Day ideas, how about go-carting? Go-carting is fun because you get to race little cars around a track. You also get a chance to be a kid again!

Another idea to highlight on the list of great Valentine’s Day ideas should be something having to do with the ocean. Something about the salty air, the sun, and the sand. One very cool Valentine’s Day idea would be to have a surfing or boogie boarding date. They say that surfing can one of the most cathartic and meditative experiences and when shared with a special partner the positive vibes can be exponential.  If it gets too cold you can hop into a warm bodysuit – depending on where you are – the water in February can get pretty cold. Cold water or warm water – it doesn’t matter. Surfing makes a great Valentine’s Day idea because you can work up an appetite before the big dinner date.

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