great ideas for valentines dayGreat Valentine’s Day ideas don’t come easy. And good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts don’t come easy either. Sometimes you have to think way outside the box to come up with the best Valentine’s Day ideas.  If you are a guy, all you’ll be thinking about is the “box,” but alas if you meditate on the idea for a while you can come up with some fun, whacky ideas for Valentine’s Day that you might not have thought of otherwise. If you are a guy, you might want to think of something romantic and if you are gal, try something a little more active. Guys generally enjoy being more active and the ladies tend to enjoy a little more romanticism.

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Of all the fun, cool ideas for Valentine’s Day, one might be to fly a kite. If the wind is good this can make for a very fun date. It might sound a little juvenile or immature, but if you think about it: what makes you feel the most young again? Probably doing things that kids do, like snowball fights and flying a kite. Doing something leisurely, but youthful can restore a sense of both innocence and youthfulness into a relationship. This should make it onto your list of great ideas for Valentine’s Day – especially for a couple that’s been together for a while or a couple that wants to mix up their marriage.


One of the best Valentine’s Day ideas doesn’t need to be traditional. It’s okay to throw tradition out of the window once and a while. Usually picnics are done in a park in the middle of the day. But don’t you hate the bees, ants, and the hot sun always glaring down on you? One of the most fun ideas for Valentine’s Day is to have a picnic on the beach…. at night. You could even make this your big Valentine’s Day date. Just lay down your picnic blanket and voila! The best part about having a picnic on the beach is that there is generally no one around so you can totally strip and make love under the moonlight.


Another idea you should put on your list of cool Valentine’s Day ideas that might not necessarily fit the tradition is to go ice-skating. Usually the winter ice-skating rinks are gone so all you are left with are the indoor rinks or if you live in a very cold climate you might be lucky to catch an outdoor one. The reason why this should be on your list of great ideas for Valentine’s Day is because: what’s not romantic about holding hands and ice-skating?

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