If you are sorting through those Victoria Secret coupon codes as your read this, it might be worthwhile to read about a few ways you can really make that lingerie work for you in the bedroom. There are lots of sexy ways to surprise your lover wearing lingerie and you might be thinking of a few as you hit the print button on those Victoria Secret printable coupons, but here some ideas you might not have thought about already. Remember, if you do have a Victorias Secret coupon you don’t want to let a good deal go to waste and you don’t want to let your lover down.


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Some Hot Ways To Surprise Him While Wearing LingerieOne way you can really surprise him is by showing up to his work wearing nothing but a hot pair of lingerie and a trench coat. If you have a Victoria Secret coupon code it might be wise to pick out the sexiest pair, because you want to look hot underneath that trench coat – I mean, so hot that he can barely take it. When you do get to his work look worried and like you have to talk. Then drag him to a private room and reveal what you are wearing underneath the trench coat. You can then give him the best blowjob of his entire life. Mission accomplished. Thanks to Victoria Secret coupons free shipping.

Next, surprise him when he gets home. There is no better way to surprise your lover than to wait for him, seductively in bed with all the candles lit wearing a hot pair of lingerie. In fact, you could spice it up by incorporating some lotions or sensual oils. When he does slip out of his tie and work clothes you could give him an erotic massage. There is absolutely no better way to spice up a marriage or a relationship with the combination of surprising him when he gets home wearing nothing but the sexiest pair of lingerie and then giving him a hot massage.

Victoria Secret CouponAnd the number one way to surprise him while wearing lingerie is to make him a dinner and then tell him you have a surprise for him. If you have Victoria Secret coupons, you can probably find a gorgeous hot pink pair of lingerie, but what you want to do when you go away is to slip into the lingerie and then come back to the table and sit down like it’s no big deal. This will surely make his mouth drop. Then he can take you up to the bedroom and ravage you.

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