Romantic Gift Idea for Valentines Day – Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit

We’re here to review one of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day – the Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit.

This is a great romantic Valentine’s Day date idea, especially if you want to spice stuff up in the bedroom, just never a bad idea.The restraints basically, all of the four restraints and two very long straps, are super easy to use. For the straps, you can actually strap at top or bottom, and sides are a little bit easier. So what you do basically is you slide each really long strap under the mattress, make sure they’re equidistant from the side of the bed, otherwise, you’ll get into trouble a little bit later on.

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The fabric inside the cuff is kind of tough and hard on the skin, so it was really nice. The cuff was such a luxurious fabric and they’re really well-made. Its Velcro attachments and very easy to use. You’ve got adjustment buckles on each side, made of nylon so it’s super strong. You’re not getting out of this unless you want to.


Go ahead and pick yourself up a Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit.for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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