Unbelievable Facts About Life and Love

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Did you know that couples can sync their heart rate by staring deeply into each other’s eyes? Or that chemicals in the brain we associate with the feeling of love can be released just 0.2 seconds from the very first sighting of a potential mate, proving love at first sight is actually possible to experience.

But don’t let all the pressure of finding “the one” stress you out. Statistically, one in three will not experience a lasting love anyways. And if you do find “the one”, you must remember, humans are psychologically wired to think obsessively about their new romantic interest. If nobody is obsessing over you this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Just shop at AdamandEve.com and get a gift better than chocolate or flowers.


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Valentine’s Day Special: Shocking, True and Interesting Sex Facts

Are you caught single again this Valentine’s Day? Hey, don’t worry about it. Take some comfort with your aloneness with these somewhat shocking and surprising facts about sex, all in honor of Single Awareness Day.

Did you know that studies have shown that those who use Twitter are statistically more likely to pleasure themselves regularly than that not on Twitter? Talk about some restless fingers.

Many look to escape that exact restlessness and sexual tension by turning to yoga. However, as yoga increases in popularity, so do reports by women claiming to experience a full orgasm mid-meditation. Can you believe that?

This climactic event is now popularly referred to as the yogasm, and may help explain why you see so many housewives going in and out of yoga studios. But it’s not all about exercise. Eating healthy may not make you orgasm but it can help boost the intensity of your orgasms. In fact, there are strong connections between eating seafood and elevated orgasmic sensation. However, some food and drinks can act against you in the bedroom. Most notably, diet sodas.

Science has shown that consuming diet soda can inhibit the serotonin production necessary for normal sexual behavior. Another reason to drop the diet from your diet. And once you do reach the big event, it’s important to know that there is quite a difference between the male climax and the female climax. The average female orgasm lasts about 18 seconds while the male typically experiences 22 seconds of euphoria. However, don’t think men have all the breaks.


It’s widely believed that the female orgasm is exponentially stronger in sensation than the male orgasm. No wonder women have more sex toys than men. And speaking of sex toys, in Japan it’s actually illegal to produce an adult product resembling a penis, which explains why the most popular sex toy is The Rabbit. Get yourself a Rabbit. Test your own orgasm average and see what seafood can do for you this Valentine’s Day. Ring in Single Awareness Day with an amazing deal from AdamandEve.com.

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