Valentine’s Day Sex Ideas – Having Fun with a Sexy Slave Kit

Check out Destiny’s video review here and be amazed of this awesome Valentines Day sex idea – enjoying your Hearts Day with a Sexy Slave Kit!

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, so you need to start shopping right away. And if you are looking for just a sexy way to kind of spice up your Valentine’s Day night, we have the perfect product and also got some really great discounts and offers for you.

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best valentines day ideasThe Sexy Slave Kit – this is perfect for beginners to bondage or if you’re experienced with bondage. It comes with a very soft, velvety mask and it will stay on your face without irritating you. Whoever’s wearing this can get teased with the included feather tickler on the kit. And the best part, of course, the set of wrist and ankle cuffs. These are Velcro so they’re very easy to get on. They’re velvety so you’re not going to get that irritation. You can set them as tight or as loose as you want.

They have an extra-long string and it’ll hold really, really tight. You can tie this to a bed post, a chair, anywhere, or you can just simply tie them together. They will fit almost any wrist or ankle since they are adjustable. You could really pull on them, so that’s something that you really want when you’re playing being a sexy slave.

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