Sexy Valentines Day Gifts to Spice Things Up at Home

Watch this video to learn how to make your Valentine’s Day extra special even if you’re just staying at home. You can still put in a lot of effort to show your partner that you really care.

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5 Valentine’s Day Gift That Will Get You Dumped

You know that Valentine’s Day means a lot to your girlfriend and you know her expectations. We’re to help you prepare and teach you how to deliver, so to avoid getting dumped on Valentine’s Day.

Here are Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts That Will Get You Dumped on Valentine’s Day.

1. Tickets to a sporting event.

Unless she loves the team and specifically asked for sports ticket, do not giver her tickets to a sporting event.

2. Gym membership.

This is a huge no no. It’s like your saying “I’m kind of displease with your current state of existence”.

3. Don’t give anything you previously got an ex girlfriend.

How she’s gonna find out? In the internet!

4. His and hers paintball guns.

No explanation needed for this one, lol.

5. A pineapple.

Though it is one of the sweetest fruit. Giving it as a Valentine’s Day gift will surely get you dumped.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Advice: She Is Going To Want More Than Flowers This Valentine’s Day

This can be the first Valentine’s Day with a new lover in your life and you want to make an impression. This is a high pressure situation where you want the basis covered and you want to show you are an all star this holiday and many more. Our advice for Valentine’s Day gift giving is to cover two dimensions – emotional and physical side.

Bear in mind that she is gonna want more than flowers this Valentine’s Day…

Emotional side on Valentine’s Day Gift maybe a romantic dinner, vacation, anything that will overwhelm her. Physical side on a Valentine’s day gift is you can buy her a sex toy this Valentine’s Day at What’s more awesome is there is a cool promotion going on at Adam & Eve where you can get 50% OFF on almost any item plus Free Discreet Shipping, Free DVDs, and a Free Mystery Gift by simply entering the special code VDAY50 at checkout at

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Valentine’s Day Shopping Ideas When Your Too Lazy and Busy To Shop For Valentine’s Day

Some people just don’t have time to shop for Valentine’s Day.

You spend your entire time working or just simply busy and you may only have a few hours of spare time during the week. Maybe you want to spend that time in karaoke and maybe the last you want to do is to go out and spend hours shopping for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you are just plain busy. Also, we all have that little lazy person inside of us just waiting for the opportunity to break out and take a very long nap. The good news is…

You don’t have to put that much effort in shopping for your Valentine’s day gift!

You can do it at the comfort of your own home. Just simply visit

Great website, easy to navigate. By just simply clicking tabs like “Popular”, you will be able to check out products that she will surely love. They have a “for her” section and a “for him” section of vibrators. Lingerie, couples toys, anything you can imagine. And this Valentine’s Day, they have this cool promotion going on. Simply type in VDAY50 at checkout at and you’ll gonna get 50% OFF on almost any single item, plus Free Shipping, Free DVDs, and a Free Mystery Gift.

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Top 5 Mind Blowing Valentine’s Gift For Her

You make mistakes when it comes to love. Sometimes we give some pretty underwhelming gifts. We’re here to help you out!

Here are Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts that’s gonna blow her mind.

1. Beyonce tickets.

She’s a goddess. What woman will not see Beyonce live.

2. Heart shape steak.

What is more awesome when you give her steak shaped like a heart.

3. A pony Named “Stardust”.

A lot of girls got ponies, even when they’re already adult they still got ponies. And the name “Stardust”, is an amazing name for a pony.

4. A trip to the Carribean

A trip to the Carribean to swim with dolphins? Who doesn’t want this kind of adventure? Her mind will surely blow on this Valentine’s Day Gift.

5. Give her a high tech sex toy from

Give her vibrators that doesn’t even take batteries or those that charges via USB. They are cool and affordable.

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Clone-A-Willy Kit – A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

I personally cannot think of a better Valentine’s Day Gift than the Clone-A-Willy Kit.

So you’re wondering what to get your girlfriend this year? Trust me I understand. I’m your gay bestfriend; but, I’m still a guy, so I have a unique perspective. You want your girl to miss you while you’re gone; but at the same time, you don’t want to neglect her while you’re gone. You want to be able to meet her sexual needs even when you’re not there so she doesn’t seek it out to other guys. Trust me I understand.

That’s why you need this product – It is the Clone-A-Willy Kit. This will allow you to cast your own dildo to give your girlfriend. I personally cannot think of a better Valentine’s Day Gift than the Clone-A-Willy Kit. You can make a dildo out of your own penis or your boyfriend’s penis. If you’re a girl watching this, get this product and get a dildo cast of your boyfriend or your bestfriend’s penis.

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