When thinking of good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts or the best ideas for Valentine’s Day, one important factor is the setting. You know the old saying: “Location, location, location.” Yes, location is everything – especially if you are trying to get away this Valentine’s Day. If you are trying to get away and you are making that list of great ideas for Valentine’s Day, then here are some tips for you to help you choose the right setting to spice up your romantic life.


If you want to come up with one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas – one that will beat out any other one you’ve ever had – especially if you are in a long term relationship – you’ll come up with something hot and sexy. Nothing is hotter and sexier than the desert. It’s like a giant beach! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day idea and setting for a romantic getaway because the desert is so remote, quiet and has beautiful sunsets! But where it is like a giant beach, there is no ocean – which could be a downside – depending on what your tastes are.

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Another great Valentine’s Day idea is to getaway to the mountains. Usually in February the mountains can be covered in fresh snow – depending on how high you go. Skiing, ice-skating, sledding and snow angel making all make fun, romantic dates and make for very cool Valentine’s Day ideas. The downside of getting away to the mountains is that there might be some altitude issues – so make sure to rest when you need to and drink plenty of water – especially after some hot sex.


If you really want to go all out with your list of good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts you can get your special someone a plane ticket to a tropical locale – preferably somewhere with a beach and a pristine ocean. A cold beach might work, but you might want to head somewhere south of the equator in February. Some romantic sunbathing will beat out all your previous Valentine’s Day ideas.


And if you want to really spice up the getaway, then highlight this on your list of great ideas for Valentine’s Day. How about head to a tropical rainforest! Some misty rainforest fun will be really romantic and sexy. Grab a hut by the sea and some banana leaves and spend a week naked – nothing could be better and you’ll remember this as the best Valentine’s Day idea your special someone has ever had.

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