Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HimWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends it’s all about finding out what he likes. This is probably simple for most girlfriends to find out. The best part about a Valentine’s Day gift that comes from you is that he won’t expect it. Valentine’s Day is usually a night for the guy to pull out all the stops, but why not turn that myth into a reality with a few of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. I know you’ll probably think some sexy bedroom time is enough, but how about something a little extra and fun that shows him how much you love him with all your heart.

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How about a coupon that he finds somewhere – probably somewhere he checks often – for a lap dance or some oral sex? This is a sexy Valentine’s Day gift and if you give it to him in the morning there is a chance that he’ll have a hard time getting through the day, because all he’ll be thinking about is getting back to wherever you are. Cover the coupon in kisses or perfume to leave a little bit of your mark for some extra fun. You could also give him a set of clues to go and find the coupon if you like playing little fun sexy games with your man.


And if you are secure with your man, you could get him a pocket pussy. All men masturbate and sometimes you won’t be around so one of these would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. One of the hottest toys is the Sasha Grey Pocket pussy modeled after the porn star. Don’t get jealous – it’s just her pussy! This cream pie pocket pussy is an exact replica and will make a fun, exciting Valentine’s Day gift for him even if you are there – it could add a little extra spice to your post Valentine’s Day date.

Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea for him is to find out what his hobby is and get something related to it. If he plays guitar, get him some guitar picks with a little signature by you on it, like a kiss or your face. You could get a few of them and wrap them up in a little bow and present them at dinner. You could even ask him to serenade you in the moonlight.

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