Valentines Day Date IdeasValentine’s Day can be lonely if you’re single. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you all say single people rule until you get to Valentine’s Day and then you get bitter because you don’t have someone special in your  life. But remember: single people do rule! You rule. Just because it’s a holiday celebrating love doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself and it doesn’t mean you don’t have to get yourself a Valentine’s Day gift. Giving something special to yourself on Valentine’s Day might make it a little easier to get past the day. There will be all sorts of people hugging and kissing through out the day, but don’t let that stop you, because you will be getting yourself an awesome Valentine’s Day gift. Here are some excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for you, because you are your own special someone.

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One of the most cathartic and creative Valentine’s Day gifts is to bake something. So if you’ve got no one to bake for, you can always bake for yourself. This Valentine’s Day bake yourself a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies and slide in the bath – read a book or spark up that favorite vibrator. This Valentine’s Day gift is both relaxing and extremely delicious. Other suitable alternatives to cookies are cake and brownies. Yum!

And if you don’t have a vibrator one great Valentine’s Day gift to yourself could be a new one! One of the most popular and favorite vibrators is the G-Gasm Delight G-SpotVibrator. This vibrator is 7 inches long an enlarged tip so you can stimulate you’re g-spot and writhe with pleasure.  You can even take it in the bath because it’s waterproof. It also comes with two speeds when you twist the base. I couldn’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a vibrator really?

If you want to give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift, but want to get out of the house you can always go to the spa and get pampered. This is a delightful Valentine’s Day gift to yourself and you’ll always be appreciative of how generous you are…to yourself. Just imagine it now: cucumbers on the eyes, mud bath, Swedish massage, Jacuzzi, sauna and the works. Who knows, you might just get a sexy, muscular masseur to get your knots out.

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