best valentines day ideasIf you know that you want to get her some Valentine’s Day flowers this February, but you want to make it creative, we have a few suggestions for you. You could just as easily find a place that sells same day delivery flowers, but what does that say about you? If you want your personality to shine through your bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers then the best option is to get a little artistic. The materials you’ll need to procure are simple: some creativity, some paint and a few supplies. Read on a find out some excellent, creative ways to get her some Valentine’s Day flowers in style.

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This Valentine’s Day why not make her a bouquet of rose or flowers using some fabric and pipe cleaners. This is a perfect quirky way to show her you love her, but also show her your creative side. You don’t even need to be too handy with scissors and sometimes fabric flowers look really good when they are kind of messy. You can’t lose!  The best part about Valentine’s Day flowers that you’ve made from scratch is that they will last forever.


If you don’t want to get a bunch of glue all over your hand, you can always go foraging. One of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day flowers is to go picking wildflowers. I don’t mean you should go around your neighborhood picking your neighbors flowers, but go on a hike or go to a place where flowers grow abundantly. When you come home covered in dirty and sweaty with a bouquet of fresh, wild flowers she’ll love you forever.

If your special someone is a little bit dark and mysterious and live flowers for Valentine’s Day might freak her out, you can always dry out a bouquet of rose and give them to her. Dried out roses actually look pretty cool, because they turn black. They can also look great hanging on a wall in the bedroom or living room. Spin the whole Valentine’s Day rose thing on its head this February.

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And if you don’t even want to think about flowers or going out to get flowers for Valentine’s Day, a great alternative is to grab a canvas, some paints and some brushes and paint her a painting of flowers or Valentine’s Day roses. The best part about painting her a painting of flowers for Valentine’s Day is that she can hang it on the wall and cherish it forever.


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