While the Valentine’s Day rose is the most common flower to send out this February there are lots of other flower alternatives that are just as beautiful. The sending of flowers on Valentine’s Day dates back hundreds and hundreds of years all the way back to Saint Valentine and when couple would give themselves flowers after performing secret weddings. You see, back in the day there was a lot of persecution, but love conquered all and the flowers became of symbol of that love and the freedom it entailed. Here is an excellent list of different Valentine’s Day flowers to send to beat the rose by a long shot.

Why not find a place that does same day delivery flowers, and why not ask if they have carnations. Carnations make an excellent alternative because they can last far longer than a rose after being cut – like three weeks longer. They are pretty and the most popular in the United Kingdom. They also have the symbolism of ‘fascination.’ Tell her your fascinated with her this Valentine’s Day.

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best ideas for valentines dayAnother perfect alternative to the Valentine’s Day rose, is the orchid. Orchids mean love, beauty, seduction and refinement. They are also one of the world’s most beautiful flowers with a rare aura. Choose a few specially arranged orchids over the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers and she’ll love you forever.

The daisy is a popular flower, but many people don’t chose it as their Valentine’s Day flower of choice. The daisy symbolizes innocence, loyalty, love and purity. It’s small and dainty and a perfect, inexpensive choice. They also grow everywhere so you can pick them wildly and make your own bouquet.

If you really want to go in the opposite direction of the Valentine’s Day rose you can choose a tulip. Tulips are a bold and sexy flower and many women like them in a bunch or a bouquet. In the Victorian era, the tulip WAS the Valentine’s Day flower. Tulips also have the symbolism of everlasting love, they grow towards the light, and they are the most popular flower in Holland.


Another good wildflower that beats the age old Valentine’s Day rose is the lilac. The best part about lilacs is that they come in different colors like, white, mauve, violet, or pink.  And they have the symbolism of adoration. So this Valentine’s Day tell her you adore her with a bunch of lilacs.

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  • Rohana Malik

    Rose being a staple for valentines day. I think nothing can replace a big red rose for your expression of love. It is a symbol of love. Other flowers are also good but a rose is a rose.