This February, when you are thinking of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day and good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts you need to know literally everything about your special someone. Coming up with cool ideas for Valentine’s Day is basically worthless if you don’t have all the information you need. It’s can’t be as easy as guessing and you can’t just assume that all your great ideas for Valentine’s Day will just magically be something she’ll remember forever. Here is the essential guide on gathering all the info you need to make this Valentine’s Day a day and night to remember.


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The first thing you need to do to come up with some ideas for Valentine’s Day that will literally blow her or him away, is to gather information from your special someone directly. You don’t want to be obvious about this. You also can’t think of all the questions at once. And the questions can’t give away the fact that you are trying to gather intelligence. The best thing to do is ask little questions over time and jot them down in a notebook. Think of yourself like a “love spy.” It isn’t creepy if all you are trying to do is win her heart with some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas.


Another great way to gather intelligence when trying to come up with the best Valentine’s Day idea or good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts is to ask her parents or her friends. You can’t be shy about this one. You just have to jump on the telephone and ask away. Make sure they know that you are trying to get a little bit of information in order to give him or her a night to remember. Not only will you gather some great intelligence by the people that know your special someone the best, but it will also show the people closest to your significant other that you care enough to take great lengths to find out what they like or want the most.


One other way to gather intelligence to come up with a list of some great ideas for Valentine’s Day might not be the most orthodox way. And you definitely don’t want to get caught! Basically you’ll want to flip through her diary. You don’t want to read it, but you do want to pick out bits and pieces. Maybe you’ll find a clue or two or maybe you’ll find everything you need. Any information is helpful. All you want to do is find some things she might want or need – you also might find a clue to a place she’s always wanted to go. Although this is the most controversial method to coming up with the best Valentine’s Day idea – the end should justify the means.

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