best ideas for valentines dayBeing a swinger on Valentine’s Day can be hard. How’s that for a statement? You can throw out all your romantic Valentine’s Day ideas out this window if you are ready for a swinging Valentine’s Day. If you’ve discussed it with your partner and you both are ready to share your love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start exploring this alternative lifestyle. But before you do you have to think of the possible emotional consequences. You have to be extremely secure in the fact that you love your partner and your partner loves you. Here is the ultimate list of all the toys you might need for you to mark on your list of great ideas for Valentine’s Day for the swinger.

One of the most popular toys for swingers is the strap-on. Strap-ons are perfect for multiple partner action. For a guy, you’ll need a lot of penis power and having a tool that stays hard. For a gal, you might want a little something extra to please the ladies and the guys too if they want to get a little freaky. One of the favorites is the Hollow Strap-On for Him and Her. This dildo straps on and is 6 inches long and an inch and half wide. It’s the ultimate tool and makes for the perfect toy for that Valentine’s Day idea that includes some swinging action.

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Hollow Strap-On For Him Or Her

Another important tool in the swinger’s toolbox should be a toy that sticks to the wall – preferably a dildo that can use a suction cup that sticks itself to a wall or surface. This toy is perfect for a little wild no hands, no man action. One of the best toys for this is the Max Vibrating Cock and Balls. The patented material feels so much like skin that you won’t believe it’s not real. It also sucks right to the wall, making it a perfect for that list of good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Another important tool – or tools I should say – is to have plenty of water and electrolytes. To make this the best Valentine’s Day idea you are going to need to stay hydrated, because this is going to be a marathon of an erotic funfest this February. If you really are ready for the swinging lifestyle, then you will need to be refreshed and ready to go. And you’ll also need to keep refilling. A marathon swinging sex session won’t have those volunteers on the side of the road handing out water – so that job will be up to you.

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