One of the sweetest and romantic gifts ideas is to send Valentine’s Day flowers to your sweety this February. But you have to remember that Valentine’s Day flowers are not for everyone. Some people can’t stand flowers and the fact that you chopped down a bunch of living breathing plants, some people are allergic and some people are actually afraid of flowers. You might think that that’s insane, but it’s true. So when you are thinking about sending Valentine’s Day flowers think of the following reasons why you shouldn’t. If your special someone meets any of the below criteria stay away from Valentine’s Day flowers.


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A lot of people are affected by allergies. One of the most common allergies in the world is a flower allergy. Some people get really affected when they are around flowers because they have the ability to spread their pollen. Many people get sneezing, watery eyes, coughs, runny roses, itchy throats and more. This is not sexy for Valentine’s Day. Some people can even get extremely sick, so think about this the next time you look for the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.


Another weird reason why you shouldn’t go looking for a place that does same day delivery flowers is because some people have a legitimate fear of flowers! Yes, this is a real thing. It’s called anthophobia and it is classified as an abnormal and persistent fear of flowers. Even though sufferers of this fear know that flowers can’t hurt them they are still deathly afraid. And some different kinds of flowers cause more fear than others. Yes, your Valentine’s Day rose could be the scariest thing in the world to your date – you might as well give her a snake or a poisonous spider.

Another reason why you should chose Valentine’s Day flowers this February is because some of the flowers, especially roses, are cultivated in third world countries using unethical labor practices. A lot of the long stem roses we see on Valentines Day or places that sell same day delivery flowers, buy their roses wholesale from countries like Columbia where the workers are treated poorly and the flowers are sprayed with chemicals that can make them sick. If you do send Valentine’s Day flowers make sure you know where they come from before you give her a dozen.

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  • Rohana Malik

    There are so many options other than flowers to present someone. However if you like flowers then dried flowers can also make a good present as they won’t be allergic or dry out. They look good after so many days. I don’t know about people who are afraid of flowers how would they react to dried flowers.