There is a good chance that if you are reading this, you are planning a naughty Valentines for you and your lover. I mean, what would be the point of Valentines Day if you couldn’t get a little naughty? However, a lot of couples aren’t quite sure what a naughty Valentine night actually looks like. In this article, you are going to learn all about how to have the naughtiest Valentines Day you can have. To have the naughtiest Valentines Day, you will need to focus your efforts on the bedroom.


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Here are some naughty Valentines Day ideas that are sure to turn you and your partner on…

First up, you need to think of some naughty Valentines gifts. Of course, cards, roses and chocolates are a prerequisite, but you will also need some gifts that will enhance the pleasure factor in the bedroom. For instance, you will need some vibrators for some hot foreplay action. For him, you may want to try out a hot penis ring, which will make him last much longer in the bedroom. For sex, you may want to pick up some lube – just to turn up the pleasure sensations a few notches.

If you are looking for naughty Valentines gifts for him, you may want to try a hot male masturbator, like the popular Peak-a-Book Lips Stroker. The male masturbator is amazing for a number of reasons. For one thing, if your man is a fan of “innies,” he will definitely be turned on by the fact that you can pull back the lips of this masturbator to reveal the entry hole. Plus, this masturbator is so realistic – not only does it look real, but it also feels real. It’s a great tool to leave him with when you leave town or go out for the night.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HimAnother great naughty Valentines Day gift for him would be to get creative in the bedroom. You could even write some naughty Valentines poems and read them to him in bed. This can be great foreplay and it is a really creative way to get him in the mood. Out of all the naughty Valentine Gifts for him, this will definitely be the naughtiest, because you can be as detailed as possible – it’s just you and him in bed. After you get him nice and turned on, you can jump on top of him and ravage him – he won’t know what hit him.

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So, if you are thinking of some naughty Valentines ideas, you may want to think about exchanging some naughty gifts…

These gifts can be used during foreplay, during sex and even after Valentines Day. Also, you may want to think about writing some naughty Valentines Day poems to really turn him on before foreplay. At the end of the day, Valentines Day is the day to get naughty and to have fun in the bedroom, so you want to think of a few ideas that will really turn you on.

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  • Grace

    You have to love naughty gifts on Valentines Day! I’m really looking forward to this year.

    • Cindy Wade

      Hope you’ll have the best valentine’s day ever! 😉

  • samantha mellow

    I’m dreaming that we will spend a naughty Valentines together in a hotel with hot aphrodisiacs dinner and those sex toys mentioned above. That will definitely tire us down until we wake up late in the next morning to do it over again. I love the ideas and the gifts suggestions that I’m getting from this website!

    • Cindy Wade

      Thank you Samantha. You will never regret buying from Adam and Eve. Your plan for the Valentine’s Day is just awesome! Make it steamy hot by using sex toys 😉

  • Phil Williams

    I’ve searched for “naughty valentines day gifts” online and I’ve found your gross. On the other hand, what would be the point of Valentines Day if you couldn’t get a little naughty?

    • Cindy Wade

      You’re absolutely right Phil! What’s on your naughty list?

  • Dianne M

    Found it & helps a lot, Because I really wanna have some special valentine’s on bed 🙂 after dating w/ my Partner

    • Cindy Wade

      That’s great Dianne! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! 🙂