best ideas for valentines dayIf your love is out of town this year and you are thinking of unique Valentine’s Day gifts, we have just the thing. In the modern world of telecommunications, bytes, downloading and uploading – we can really be anywhere at anytime. You can pretty much do anyone anywhere too. That’s the beauty of the Internet. No longer does love have to be long distance. If you are thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift for someone that might be out of town this February, here some great suggestion so you can still snuggle up to your honey, albeit virtually.

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If you are thinking of creative Valentine’s Day gifts for someone that is out of town and is a million miles away, you can always still go on a date. You might ask how this is possible – but it is. You can always still go on a video chat date. Every computer these days has some sort of video chat program on it. Usually they are free or insanely cheap. If your honey is away, coordinate the date to watch the sunset together – if you are far enough away from each other you might catch a sunset and sunrise for an extra unique Valentine’s Day gift you’ll cherish forever.  You can also get naughty and perhaps have a little phone sex.

Another fun idea that is to really think outside the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts her. How about this one: clone your own penis and send it to her wherever she is. Basically you’ll be making a rubber dildo using your own penis. With the Kinky Jet Black Clone A Willy you make a replica of your willy in no time and it even comes with a vibrator for some extra fun. No doubt she misses your, ahem, member, so this would obviously be the most thoughtful and creative Valentine’s Day gift. Remember it takes about 24 hours to fully dry and I don’t know if you want to splurge on overnight shipping, but you probably want to give yourself some time to make a few prototypes before you give her the final model.

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Kinky Jet Black Clone A Willy

You can also head over to Adam and Eve to find something extra special to ship to him or her for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone out of town. Shipping is always indiscreet and free for that matter. Right now when you go to you get 50% OFF just about every irresistible item when you enter the offer code VDAY50 and with your order you’ll receive our romance kit with a toy for him, special massager for her and something you’ll both enjoy. Plus get a free DVD and free shipping on your entire order. So go to Adam & Eve to add some spice to your life.

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  • already done phone sex especially when we miss each other,this is so true.. Wanna try the Kinky Jet Black Clone A Willy.

    • Eva Estefan

      You should! This is a fun thing to do, I bet you and your other half will love this!

  • Rohana Malik

    Got your honey out of town… that should’nt stop you from showering him with all the love for him… Sending him that special gift all the way out of town is so romantic in itself. Or even better go yourself out of town and surprise him.