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Getting dumped on Valentine’s Day is a little bit like getting jilted at the altar. It can really sting. This is especially the case if it comes out of left field. Many people think that their relationship is going great until it crash lands on Valentine’s Day. Indeed, if you get dumped on Valentines Day, you don’t have to fear. Sure, it will sting, it will hurt and there may be some crying, but you have to look at it in a better light: you are finally free. Plus, if you are getting dumped on Valentines Day, you can now go out and have all the fun you’ve always wanted. Sure, there are other fish in the sea, but you can now be that solo fish that lets whatever happen. Having this kind of happy-go-lucky attitude is critical when you get dumped on Valentine’s Day.

Here is some Valentine’s Day advice if you get dumped.

getting dumped, getting dumped on Valentine's Day
1. Don’t let it get to you.

Sure, this may be an easy thing to accomplish, but it is actually pretty difficult, especially on Valentine’s Day. Sure, you were expecting Valentine’s Day chocolate or candies, but you now you have to face the night with a box of tissues, alone. However, you don’t have to be alone. If you don’t let it get to you, you can spin the whole night around and literally do whatever you want.

2. Sign up for an online dating profile.

Sure, it may be a little difficult to find another date on Valentines Day, but you may want to set up a dating profile to see if you can move things along. One of the most important pieces of Valentines advice is to be proactive. If you are proactive about your next steps, it will prevent you from falling. The harder you fall, the worse the breakup will be. By setting up a dating profile, you can get the wheel spinning again. And, who knows, you may find a connection that night.

3. Go out alone.

Some people may tell you to stay home and lick your wounds. However, this is the last thing you want to do, because your wound will never heal if you keep licking it. On Valentine’s Day, you want to head out on your own. There is a good chance that if you do head out on your own, you’ll meet someone special. The person may not be special for a lifetime, but he or she may be special for a night.

4. Call a friend.

If you aren’t feeling romantic, you may want to think about simply calling a friend and seeing if you can have a quiet night just playing cards or checkers. Having a nice night in with a friend will give you a sense of comfort, which is important if you have just gotten dumped on Valentine’s Day. Ideally, you want to call your closest friend – the one that you can open to the most.

5. Chat up a past romantic fling.

If you are feeling brave, you may want to call up a past romantic partner and see what he or she is doing. If the person is still single, you could both go out and have a little fun on the town together. If the sparks are still flying, this could be an added bonus. Of course, some people will tell you that this is could be a bad Valentine’s Day advice, but on Valentines Day, you want to be with someone familiar, especially if the romance is still in the air.

6. Eat until you can’t eat anymore.

This is another typically bad piece of Valentine’s Day advice, but sometimes you have to be a little bad to get to the good. One of the best ways to cure the blues is to go out and eat. You could also bring a little food in. With some ice cream or other desserts, you could also put in a movie. Of course, you don’t want to watch anything romantic or that has a connection to your ex-partner, but the combination of ice cream and a movie will really cure your blues.

eat until you can't eat any more, getting dumped on Valentine's Day

7. Have a solo night of reflection.

Indeed, if you have just gotten dumped on Valentines Day, it may be time for a night of solo reflection. Ideally, you want to stay home, maybe pop on a movie in and just relax. You don’t want to make a big night of it. You could also meditate, read a book or just simply lie down and get an early night in. When you think about it, this is your chance to start afresh, so you may want to get your batteries recharged ahead of time.

8. Hang out with your single friends.

There is a good chance that you have some single friends that aren’t doing much on Valentines Day. If this is the case, you may want to call them up and organize a single’s night out. You could also have a single night in if you are feeling ready to see a bunch of people holding hands.

9. Head to a singles function.

If you don’t have many single friends – sometimes one friend group only has one single friend (in this case you) – you may want to head to a singles night event on Valentine’s Day. There is a good chance that you can find one of these locations in your community. This is a great chance to play the field, meet some other singles and see what’s out there. If there is nothing to catch, you can throw your rod right back into the water.

10. Take a solo vacation.

On top of everything, you may want to take a solo vacation on Valentines Day. There is nothing like completely changing your scenery. You want to go someplace that has absolutely no connection to your previous partner. In the end, getting out of town will really help you heal and move on, which is the most important and meaningful Valentines Day advice anyone could give you.

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  • All I wanted to do when my ex boyfriend broke up with me was eat pizza, and I did exactly that. We lived in a small town, and thankfully I was already in the process of moving so that lessened the pain of the break up. Time helps so much, and over the next months I started to see how necessary the break up was. Also, exercise is great for feeling better and getting out all those nasty, negative feelings! My best friend helped me get through it with a lot of movies and taking sessions between us.

  • Rohana Malik

    It can happen to anyone of us… getting dumped with valentines day around. It’s natural to feel bad about it, we can’t force our feelings but we can always make efforts to feel good about other things around. We should never limit ourselves to only love lives, there’s a beautiful life beyond that people.

  • Shelby

    This happens a lot and we shouldn’t let one person ruin the day. I love the advice on getting back out there. There are plenty of single people out celebrating on Valentine’s day. Don’t let any person take your precious time away by making you sulk at home…start something new and show that ex you’re okay!! 🙂

  • Margaret Madison

    Great tips in case of the worse. Hope that this doesn’t happen to me though. However, I know a friend that experienced this two years ago. It is a shame that she took it too bad, when she could’ve just read and implement the things said here. Nice read!