If you’re a daredevil, romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas don’t usually come easy. Thrill seekers will usually find a regular Valentine’s Day date too boring and pedestrian. Couples who are looking for an adrenalin rush this Valentine’s Day, listen up, here are some wild, fun, crazy Valentine’s Day date ideas for those that like to get their thrills living on the edge of life.


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1. Make your Valentine’s Day date idea something to get excited about. How about jumping out of a plane attached to your significant other? Yes, skydiving can be relatively terrifying to common folk. Jumping out of a plane takes some serious balls. But if you’re a couple that might be into something like that then this is a perfect Valentine’s Day date for you.

2. Another wild Valentine’s Day date idea is to go white river rafting. I’m not talking about some grade 3 or 4 white fuzz, but I’m talking about some grade 5 or higher wild ride down a windy river smashing into rocks. This Valentine’s Day date idea is not for the faint of heart, but for those thrill seekers it might be one of the most romantic.

3. We’ve talked about soaring in the air and flying down a river, but what about snow. If you want a Valentine’s Day date idea in the snow – which might be more appropriate for the season depending what hemisphere you’re on ­– is to do a little of bit extreme skiing or snowboarding. Catch some power waves and fly through the mountains straight into each others hearts. The best part about this date is you get to go back to the lodge and get it on all night long.

4. And the absolute ultimate for adrenalin junkies is a little extreme sport called wing suit flying. What’s wing suite flying? Basically it’s jumping off a mountain or a bridge with out a parachute. Basically all you are a wearing is a specially made suite with has little wings that come off it to keep you soaring through the air like a bird. Remember, this Valentine’s Day date might not seem normal at all, but for thrill seekers it’s a walk in the park.

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