Some of the best Valentines Day date ideas are impossible to do in the wintertime or around when Valentine’s Day usually is. However, what’s so magical about being in love is that you can move some of those Valentine Day date ideas around all year around. Now that summertime is just around the corner there are a number of things you can do in the great outdoors that you might not have been able to do back in February. Now that it is summer, here are some romantic Valentines Day date ideas that are sure to make things interesting.


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One of the most fun Valentine’s Day date ideas is to go stargazing. Now that it is warm outside you can literally spend all night outdoors in nature kissing and looking at the stars. Not only is this romantic, but it is incredibly fun. If you want to get specific about things, you can always find out when the next meteor shower is and then watch some falling stars. You might be able to catch a few on any night that you might be peering at the sky, but it is important to always make a wish after you see one.

Next, why not go go-kart racing. There is nothing like racing little cars around a track on a hot night. Nothing else is more fun and exciting. Out of all the romantic Valentines Day date ideas this is definitely the most active and high octane. If you can’t find go-karts in your area, you can always opt for bumper cars, which also makes for a Valentines Day date that you two will always remember. Just make sure that you wear helmet and don’t crash into each other too hard. You don’t want one of your Valentine’s Day date ideas to turn into a debacle.

Another great Valentines Day date that is perfect in the summertime is rock climbing. Chances are that in your area you have two options: in the city you probably have a rock climbing obstacle park or if you can drive into the mountains, you can get a taste of some real mountain climbing action. If this is a Valentine’s Day date, you probably want to make it perfect for beginners. Out of all the Valentines date ideas this is definitely the outdoorsiest, but if you make it not too advanced, this activity can be can quite fun for all couples. Sometimes the best Valentines Day date ideas are the ones you just have to pull out of a hat.

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