Ah, there is nothing like the sweet, crisp air of a mid February night.  There is nothing like being outdoors with your sweetie pie, all bundled up in sweaters, scarves – preferably with a hot cup something delicious; even if it’s your lover’s kisses. I’m talking of course about Valentine’s Day. If you are the sporty type, the outdoorsy type, or the type that like to take brisk walks under the stars, one of the best Valentine’s Date ideas is having a great adventure. Make it a day; a night or a week, here are a few suggestions for a Valentine’s Day date for the great outdoors.


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1. Go on a treasure hunt. On your special Valentine’s Day date go on a treasure hunt with your lover. Set up clues around the city or if you live in the country then choose different coordinates. Write a list of clues down as to where to find the next clue. Include gifts, or gift certificates along the way. The greatest prize will be when your date finds you have set up a picnic with candles, fine wine, and lots of treats!

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2. Another romantic Valentine’s Day date idea is to go camping. Find a nice hiking path and spend a day or go deep in the mountains and set up camp. Nothing like waking up in the pristine wilderness and sharing breakfast together.  Spend the day fishing, swimming or exploring – the nature and yourselves.

3. Love sailing. One of my favorite outdoorsy Valentine’s Day date ideas is to rent a sailboat and spend the day exploring the open sea. The best is when you can find a boat that has a good galley so you can get really far out into the horizon and then make dinner and eat while watching the sun go down.

4. If you really want a romantic Valentine’s Day date idea then you should buy a star in the sky and name it after her. Wait you can do that? Yes, you totally can. Did you know there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on Earth? There are billions and trillion’s of stars in the sky. You can always find an astronomy center to have one of the unnamed stars named after your lover. The best part is you can find its coordinates in the sky. After dinner surprise her with this magical gift!

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  • Rohana Malik

    Out doors are always fun. New experiences on new places are so much fun and form special memories. A short getaway or a long holiday outdoors are refreshing and exciting.