When you think of Valentine’s Day gifts, you are probably thinking of how much money you need to spend and if the Valentine’s Day gift will break the bank. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day gifts can be expensive. But the best Valentine’s Day gifts don’t need to be and they are generally the best, because you need to at least put a little thought into them. If you are going to get frugal this Valentine’s Day you don’t really want to show it. You want the Valentine’s Day gift to speak for itself without saying, “I’m too broker or cheap to buy a real present.” Luckily there are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that won’t crush the wallet.


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If you really want to impress her with your Valentine’s Day gift, you can write her a poem and read it to her. She will melt right into your arms and into the bedroom in no time. If you are a little braver and you like to be on stage, whip out that guitar and write her a song. It just takes a few chords, a simple melody and some catchy lyrics – preferable with her name in them. If you really want to blow her mind with the Valentine’s Day gift, you could learn how to play the guitar and surprise her with a song.

Another fun Valentine’s Day gift that won’t break the bank is to bake her a bunch of heart shaped cookies. Or better yet, why not make her a three to five course meal – all heart shaped! Cookies are easy to make heart shaped and if you really want to impress her you can make other delicious food heart shaped too. Show her you love her with a heart shaped pizza or a heart shaped lasagna. This Valentine’s Day gift is delicious and adorable.

Does she always complain about you not picking up after yourself? Then this is a Valentine’s Day gift for her. Surprise her with a coupon that says you’ll clean the entire house and do chores for one week. You’ll also make her dinner and bring her whatever she wants. But just for a week! Think of it kind of like you are a manservant for 7 straight days, but a manservant with benefits. This is a Valentine’s Day gift you give to a special someone that truly is special.

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  • sounds so romantic, i hope my husband will also do that to me…

    • Eva Estefan

      It really sounds romantic when your hubby makes an effort to make you happy. 🙂