Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner and you seem to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas for couples.

So, what are you going to get for your woman? What are you going to get for your man? This is what you’re going to get – go and get a sex toy. Why? Because if you guys are together and you guys are shagging, if you guys are making the two-headed beast in bed, if you guys are – you know what we’re saying – if you’re doing those things, then Valentine’s Day is about intimacy. It’s about sex. It’s about loving someone else and trying to have something that you and the other person share together.

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So, here’s just a suggestion, go to, put in the code VDAY50 at checkout, you’re going to get 50% OFF on almost anything you see on the site, Three hot DVDs, FREE Shipping, and a Mystery Gift. So go to, get a bang for your buck and get banged for your buck.

Here’s our most favorite thing to give this season of Valentine’s Day and this is what we think you should get, the Complete Lovers Kit from First of all, they package it gorgeously. It’s not all like cartoony, porny. Its absolute beautiful to look at. It’s chic and you have lots of things to choose from. So you’ve got one big vibrator in the middle, which has a little twist at the bottom and very easy to use. You’ve got three covers – You’ve got the rabbit, French tickler, and then a real feel dong that goes over the top of it. It has lots of ribbing for him and for her.Romantic Valentines Day Gifts

This amazing kit also has a cock ring that’s going to feel good on both of you; anal beads for male or female, and also kegel balls. This amazing merchandise’ vibrator is great for clitoral stimulation and for whatever you like. This kit is super intense and you’ve got three amazing toys to choose from, which is a lot of fun.

So you’ve got a big kit. Again, this is an Adam & Eve Exclusive, the Complete Lovers Kit. A great thing for Valentine’s Day, especially if you guys are new to toys.

If you put in the code, VDAY50 at checkout, you’re going to get 50% OFF on almost anything you see on the site, including the Complete Lovers Kit. You’re going to get FREE Shipping, Three hot DVDs and a Mystery Gift. So, go to today!

Watch this video until the end to learn more Valentines Day ideas for couples and may you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

You can’t go wrong if you are trying to be honest and intimate, trustworthy and trusting of the person you love. Have a wonderful day and a very pleasurable night.

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  • Chris

    If I’m being honest, most Valentine’s Day ideas for couples are typical and even boring, but not this one! My girlfriend and I have actually never tried anything like this before, so we’re both really excited to try something new this Valentine’s Day.

    • Cindy Wade

      You’ll never regret trying these! So what are you planning to purchase?

  • Dan

    This lover’s kit has me interested. I am going to check it out, specially because you offered a coupon to use on it. There are so many options out there, I just want to make my wife feel sexy and know she is the only one that still does things to me I can’t explain.

    • Cindy Wade

      This is going to be perfect for the both of you. Have you got one?