Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HimThis Valentines Day, you may be spending a lot of time printing out those free printable Valentines discount coupons. You may also be pouring through the newspaper trying to find a deal on dinner and other Valentines Day plans. But do you really want or need those Valentines coupons for him or her? What if you could visit Adam and Eve and purchase a few super affordable sex toys and then stay in for the night? Nothing wrong with that, right?

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Here are some reasons why you should skip the printable Valentines Day coupons and have a hot, steamy Valentines Day in bed…

First up, you have penis rings. Penis rings are often called cock rings and people have a lot to say about them. The truth is, though, that penis rings are an amazing tool to have in the bedroom, especially on Valentines Day. Instead of looking for Valentines Day coupons for your boyfriend, you may want to pick up a Screaming O’ Vibrating Ring. For less than ten dollars, this thing is a steal and it will make your man last all night long. Plus, there is a little vibrating bullet that will give you some satisfaction as well.

Next up, why go for Valentines Day love coupons when you can go for the Lick It! Tongue Vibrator? This vibrator is incredible, because it is less than ten dollars and it is the ultimate foreplay tool. If you want to have an incredible time in the bedroom on Valentines Day, this little vibrator will ensure that you are so wet and ready that it will just glide in. Even if your boyfriend doesn’t have, ahem, skills in this department, you can still get off with this small, but incredibly powerful little vibrator.

And instead of those cheap printable Valentines Day coupons, you may want to try out the incredibly popular and affordable Beginner’s Power Pump. Many people don’t think that penis pumps actually work, but the truth is that they actually do. Penis pumps really have two major functions, which makes them an excellent tool to have on Valentines Day. For one thing, a penis pump will help promote blood flow, which will help keep him harder for longer. A penis pump will also help hold off his orgasm for longer, which means that you may be going for an all night marathon. What can be better than that?

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The truth is that you don’t need sexy Valentines coupons – all you need are some great sex toys that will spice things up in the bedroom…


The best part is that when you visit Adam and Eve right now, you can get all these toys for up to 50% OFF. That’s right, right now when you enter the offer code VDAY50 at the checkout, you will get 50% OFF on almost ANY single item, plus 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a Mystery Gift, and FREE Discreet Shipping on your entire order. That’s right, 50% OFF, free shipping and a bunch of other free goodies. Now that is what I call a fun Valentines Day.

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  • Andrew A.

    I actually already talked to my girlfriend, and she’s actually cool with just staying in for Valentines Day this year. No printable coupons this time around (:

    • Jenna McBride

      Or better buy her a hot lingerie she can use? You both can benefit from it 😉

  • wally brite

    It’s awesome to know that there are free printable Valentines coupons that we can grab but it’s more awesome to know that there are products that will surely make our Valentines date truly special. Those products are very affordable and are very useful for lovers who want adventures in the bedroom.

    • Jenna McBride

      Yeah! Grab it before it’s gone. Valentine’s Day is almost here *giggles*

  • J Dornan

    Now I know and thanks so much for the coupon code VDAY50 for Valentines Day Coupons because it’s working 100% and I can’t wait for the shipping, I’m excited to try the Ring Vibrator to have some fun on this coming valentine’s

    • Jenna McBride

      Cool J! How was the shipping? Did you already received it?